Jasvir Singh, Chair of the City Sikhs Network, Co-chair of Faiths Forum 4 London

Today is the anniversary of the murder of Joe Cox MP. So I’ll spend the rest of the time talking about the murder of a guru. And I’ll tack on the Invisible Magic Friend’s Holy Virus at the end. I’m sure it’s relevant somehow.


2 thoughts on “Jasvir Singh, Chair of the City Sikhs Network, Co-chair of Faiths Forum 4 London

  1. This was unbelievably crass. The murder of Joe Cox is still so raw and sensitive, with many relatives and friends hurting and grieving; to use an anniversary of her death (which, with all due respect, isn’t a story in the news as defined by TFTD guidelines) as a mere springboard for all the faith waffle that followed was highly insensitive. So what if a so-called Guru got murdered? Once you have introduced the horrific contemporary killing of an innocent woman and local MP, it would be polite at least to reflect on what that crime was about, and its ramifications.

    If a distraught parent had told someone that their child had been killed in a road accident, who – with any ounce of sensitivity – would respond by saying they’d had a great Aunty whose cousin’s friend was hit by a train 150 years ago. That’s exactly what Singh did today.


  2. Not only crass; it was incredibly boring. The least that Jasvir Singh could have done is quote what Jo Cox’s family have actually said to mark the anniversary of her murder, which according to the BBC is: “We remain optimistic that her vision of a country where we are better at recognising what we have in common is gradually getting closer”. Instead we got all that waffle about the 5th guru.

    Still unclear what position, if any, the Faiths Forum 4 London takes on vital issues such as this. One would almost think that Singh doesn’t take his duties as Co-Chair seriously.


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