Rev Dr Michael Banner, Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

This week marks the fourth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire.
There is talk of a memorial.
One proposal is to turn the tower into a garden.
There are gardens in the Big Book of Magic Stuff.
Mornington Crescent!

5 thoughts on “Rev Dr Michael Banner, Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

  1. Until hearing Banner mention the IMF walking in the Garden of Eden I had forgotten about this verse from ‘Genesis.’ Prompted then to see what Christian ‘interpreters’ made of this physical appearance of their deity I uncovered some of the most convoluted, casuistical, tied-in-knots, and trap-littered writing I’ve ever seen. Banner, on the other hand, trotted out the information as casually as you like. It would have been interested to hear quite how the Rev Doctor himself understood the passage where Adam and Eve hid from ‘God’ whilst ‘he’ strolled through the trees ‘in the cool of the day.’ I wonder if ‘he’ whistled while ‘he’ walked?


    1. “… and lo, when the almighty Invisible Magic Friend did stubbeth its real toe in The Garden, the name of the future Messiah was brought forth. And it was good.”


  2. I’m not sure that turning the remains of Grenfell Tower into a vertical garden is really a very good idea, well-meant though it is. One of the key attributes of a garden is that you can walk through it, sit down and contemplate it, and maybe think of what it represents. I doubt whether what’s left of Grenfell will ever be safely accessible to the general public again, or whether plants would grow anywhere inside the shell.

    Still, at least the proposal was put forward by a Grenfell survivor, with other survivors, and the victims, solely in mind. When the religious get their hands on a memorial, all too often it gets hijacked by their urge to put a faith-coloured spin on it: witness the campaign to put a Covid memorial inside St Paul’s Cathedral The spontaneous Covid memorial wall also mentioned in the BBC article is more in line with the Grenfell proposal.


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