5 thoughts on “Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

  1. OT . I know Richard Coles isn’t everyone’s cup of tea on here, but this, from Twitter, made me laugh out loud.
    “Just pressed the door button for the loo on the train which slowly slid open to reveal a lady of riper years in circumstances which required no explanation. She looked at me, I looked at her, we both laughed, and the door slid back. I am now holding on till St Pancras.”


  2. I’m sure there will be ample scope for discussions about vaccines at the G7. There is a lot to be said on both sides of several arguments. Should countries complete their own vaccination programmes before sharing surplus vaccines with others? Should pharmaceutical companies cut profits and waive IPR on their Covid products? Should we give vaccines away or teach others how to make them?

    The RCC, which is very good at telling other people what to do with their money, is in no doubt about the answers. (Although if making vaccines is so easy and obvious, maybe it should try its own hand at it – VatiPharm, perhaps). The fact is, however, that none of its posturing is the slightest bit of help in solving practical problems that affect the whole world. It just gets in the way.

    And if any ecumenically-minded non-Catholic thinks that ‘the importance of interdependence in Christian thinking’ means anything other than ‘the Pope is right about everything’, they’ve got a surprise coming.


  3. Ms Pepinster’s certainly getting her say today. As well as TFTD she also has an opinion piece in today’s Guardian, celebrating the arrival of a Roman Catholic Prime Minister, a certain bumbling Boris Johnson.


    I can only presume that Catherine Pepinster believes Bozo when he says he’s a Catholic. Just like the Anglicans believed him when he solemnly confirmed his Anglican faith. In the unlikely event that Catherine ever reads any of this, I’ve got news for you. Boris Johnson is as much a Catholic as I am.

    Like our illustrious PM, I was baptised a Catholic. I even stuck with it through school, including junior seminary. Unlike him, I didn’t flip flop between beliefs depending on what was convenient at the time. I realised it was all a load of tosh and never looked back.

    In other Catholic PM news, Bozo is being sued by the Good Law Project, to which I contribute. They believe, as do I, that he appointed Baron Cruddas, not for whatever specious excuse was formally given, but for services to him and the tory party, namely large lumps of money to the value of several million pounds.

    The House of Lords Appointments Commission rejected the nomination of Cruddas as a lord, but Bozo ignored them (the first time this has happened). Then he sent them a letter saying.

    “I would like to reassure you and your colleagues that I see
    this case as a clear and rare exception. Whilst the
    Commission’s role is advisory, I continue to place great
    weight on your careful and considered opinions.”

    Yeah, sure you do Bozo. Catholics might believe you’re a Catholic, but I suspect the HLAC is a bit more world wise.

    GLP has set up a petition to get Cruddas’ peerage reversed.


    You can read the GLP’s initial case here:



  4. Pepinster’s gloating and hand-rubbing in that Grauniad article is quite nauseating. Still, I’m sure we can look forward to Boris continuing to break most of the edicts and commandments of his newly-rediscovered faith, probably without knowing or caring that he has done so.

    And when all his chickens come home to roost, as they will one day, there will be plenty of people to say ‘well, what do you expect if you elect a Catholic as Prime Minister?’

    Signed the GLP petition. Good luck to them.


  5. Nauseating indeed.
    Pepinster says, “…what is particularly noticeable is the lack of fuss about it”. Well that’s not surprising at all. I imagine most people in the UK think Boris doesn’t believe in god and has simply done the usual for brides or grooms of Catholic (or any religious) spouses and signed up just to please them. My own brother went along with a church wedding against his better judgment.
    The next thing Boris will be doing is moving from 10 Downing Street to a location that can allow him to get his child into a Catholic school – Peterborough for instance where the government overrode the local population to insist a new school being built should be Catholic rather than the non-denominational one asked for by the locals.
    And the sooner we are rid of a state church the better. I doubt anyone cares that Boris now can’t have a say on Bishops entering the HoL. They would probably be more likely to say why are they there in the first place.


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