3 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. Apart from the mandatory requirement which railroaded this into a few moments of piety, as a fellow fan of sports this was actually excellent.

    Credit where it is due – well played, Angela.


  2. Some good comments by Angela on how people perceive sport and what sports stars have to put up with by becoming corporate property.
    As this is a religious slot, this made me think how an ancient religious prophet like Jesus or Mohammed would cope in today’s world with spreading their message on You Tube, Twitter or Facebook. How would people have reacted to their claim to be passing on the word of god or to be the son of god if they had been followed by people with mobile phones? Those ancients and their disciples were never rigorously tested in the way that the modern media challenge politicians or anyone aspiring to be an influencer. I think that, as they did at the time, they would become modern day cult leaders. Watching the recent Channel 5 programme on antivaxxers, the likes of Andrew Wakefield, who dupe their followers into making them rich or famous from dishonesty are still with us today.


  3. Well, yes, a mildly engaging couple of minutes…but a faith-based insight into a significant current issue? Angela Tilby showed a commendable sympathy with Naomi Osaka and her personal problems, but this was on a wholly secular level. A biblical approach, for example, might have had something to say about selling one’s soul in exchange for worldly wealth, although this is arguably a bit harsh on Osaka.

    But we should perhaps be more concerned about yet another attempt by TotD speakers to muscle in on sport. We’ve got the NZ tests starting this week, the Euros in a few days’ time, and the Olympics (or not) in a few weeks. Goodness knows what (say) AAA or Vishvapani might have to say about them. Not to mention the Lions tour of South Africa. One cringes in anticipation.


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