2 thoughts on “Tim Stanley, blogger, journalist, historian and Catholic

  1. Tim Stanley talks about Christians having a “reasonable level of human expectations”. I guess that 2000 years of disappointment at Jesus’s failure to reappear as promised does tend to take one’s level of expectation down a notch.

    Tim also tells us that as a Christian he’s continually asking himself whether there’s anything he ought to be doing. Good to see that his perpetual sense of guilt is in fine fettle. That Baptist upbringing has come in useful after all.


  2. Friends & income might lead to mere, shallow, worldly happiness but Dim has an Invisible Magic Friend who’ll give our lives real depth & meaning if we follow it.
    It’s a shame that our every thought, word & deed will offend the IMF though, as a perfect entity, it should have a perfect expectation of its creations so isn’t it strange that we’re a constant disappointment to it? Something doesn’t add up here – but I bet that’s our fault too.


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