Very Nearly Rev Hannah Malcolm, project co-ordinator at God and the Big Bang, 2019 Theology Slam winner

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, we holy people are busy praying to the Invisible Magic Friend to stop killing people with his Holy Virus. It hasn’t worked so far but we’re not giving up.

6 thoughts on “Very Nearly Rev Hannah Malcolm, project co-ordinator at God and the Big Bang, 2019 Theology Slam winner

  1. “I asked God for mercy; and I asked that I might be made more merciful too”.

    Well, I’m sure the second bit of that prayer has worked fine. I expect that Anna feels ever so much more merciful now, for the time being, anyway. Not so sure about the first bit; maybe the IMF wasn’t listening just then.

    Perhaps Anna has noticed that devout Hindus have been praying mightily to their own consortium of IMFs, and that doesn’t seem to have worked either. Still, as she says, perhaps the main point of prayer is to show solidarity. Just so long as no one expects it to have any practical effect.


    1. Yes, that closing plea “that I might be made more merciful too” was saddening. If your IMF reduces you to that level, it doesn’t deserve you.
      It’s typical in an abusive relationship that the victim will take the blame as well as make excuses for the abuser (even if it’s imaginary).
      This is x-rated stuff rather than what’s supposed to inspire a ‘thought’ over our cereal & toast.


  2. A classic piece of hedging that sums up the approach of most presenters to their religion. Either you believe your prayers alter the actions of your chosen supernatural being or that they don’t. This was,” well, they might not have the desired outcome but just look at the side effects. The benefits of a collective action, a time to contemplate. So do it anyway and we’re half way to getting you. ”

    Along with the ” prayer is harmless” spiel, it was interesting that she referred to the Israel disaster- which looks like it might be another warning of the dangers of religious privilege. They had been warned for years the numbers were 10 to 50 times too high and did nothing. I’d be very surprised if the universal clerical sense of entitlement didn’t have a role in the continued defiance of basic safety.


  3. Another profoundly deluded despatch from deep down in Hannah’s pious rabbit hole.

    And it was all enunciated in an almost sinister robotic tone, which suggests the training in cultish theobabble is working an absolute treat.


  4. As we have noted before, this presenter wants to teach children that the Big Bang (which we do not have a definite scientific answer for) was created by her particular God; a kind of intelligent design or creationism.
    She also believes that some sort of magical conversation is possible with a supernatural entity when she says words in a certain way, either out loud or in her head, that have special meaning to her and others who believe in her particular god.
    Can we agree that someone making a big thing of praying does fit part of the Greenberg challenge in that the thought could not have occurred without a faith perspective. As we sceptics have all been pointing out for over a year now, the various supernatural entities who are prayed to by millions everyday are doing a terrible job at helping those doing the praying. If God is kind and loving and answers prayers then why so few deaths in atheist China and not in India and the United States?
    Listening to those clubbers leaving the dance floor in Liverpool earlier today I hope we can all agree that doing something together with other humans provides solidarity, solace and spiritual uplift, but it doesn’t have to be talking to a made up super being.


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