Rhidian Brook, writer, celebrity and Christian

Thanks to the Invisible Magic Friend’s Holy Virus, I’ve lost my sense of smell. There are smells in the Big Book of Magic Stuff, which tells us to avoid bad ones. That’s a good thing, because otherwise we might not have avoided bad smells.

But we’re also waking up to the bad smells in politics, which previously absolutely no one had noticed before, apart from some newspapers, campaign organisations, victims bypassed by corruption and injustice, and generally the sort of people that I don’t pay much attention to.


5 thoughts on “Rhidian Brook, writer, celebrity and Christian

  1. Leaving aside the waffling preamble (about two thirds of his piece) Rhid’s premise amounted to – the senses of taste and smell can be metaphors, and used to highlight bad things going on in government, society, the world. Further, as the Rev Peter ably summarises, Joe Public has lost his ability to sniff out corruption and injustice being too preoccupied with the COVID pandemic; this claim being based on…. no evidence whatsoever.

    I think it could be argued that in a national crisis the populace look for and expect action from those in power; more so than in ‘normal’ times. If there’s the least indication that they are not being well served, the public do not hold back from letting their discontent be known (though, like Rhid I have no hard statistics to support this impression).

    Rhid offered no ‘faith perspective ‘ but simply mentioned that his BBoMS mentions tastes and smells (who knew?), though I think he overdid it with his ‘dripping pages.’ He claimed that in his scriptures, however, taste and smell have an added ‘spiritual and ethical dimension.’ But that amounts to no more than metaphor as previously mentioned. In all, this was a ‘thought’ based on wrong premises, which said nothing of consequence, and had nothing to say from the point of view of his religion. He seemed most confident when telling us of his experience of the virus – but that isn’t what TFtD is really about.


    1. I must add that I was reminded of Stephen Fry’s exclamation – whilst presenting an edition of QI – “Religion…. Stinks.”


    2. ” …. taste and smell have an added ‘spiritual and ethical dimension.’ ….”

      As someone with anosmia (I lost my sense of smell in my late teens / early twenties) this obviously explains my atheism.

      According to my son, my liking of Pink Floyd, Yes and ELP is a clear indication of an absence of taste as well – though I dispute that 🙂

      Rhid also appears to have selective anosmia — no detection of bad smells coming from child abuse by many of the main religions?


      1. Looking at the pictures of the decor for the Downing Street flat, I think the PM suffered similarly.


  2. Not very imaginative of Rhid, really, just complaining about a lack of smell and taste (although having no taste is par for the course for a lot of TftD speakers).

    What about the other symptoms, then? According to Deuteronomy, “The Lord will strike you with wasting disease and with fever, inflammation and fiery heat, and with drought and with blight and with mildew. They shall pursue you until you perish”. That’s what we’re really up against. Who’s working on the anti-mildew vaccine, then?


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