6 thoughts on “Rev Dr Sam Wells, Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields

  1. Thanks for preaching to us about salvation, Rev Sam. It’s now clear to me.
    I now believe in the European Super League!
    Sing praises to the ESL!
    The ESL loves us all!
    All you need is faith in the ESL!
    Click your heels together & say “E.S.L.”!


  2. Well full marks for a) discussing something actually in the news and b) genuinely discussing it from a religious perspective. The reason this happens so rarely, as today’s TftD demonstrates all too well, is that you risk coming across as a loony. Apparently all aspects of life are unfair, but don’t worry ‘coz it’s prizes for all once you get to some bizarre fantasy place called “Heaven”. A fully grown man with a Doctorate said that this morning, with a straight face and on national radio.


    1. I think this is why they generally avoid giving a genuine “faith perspective”. The only way they can do this is by invoking some of their faith’s magic. By definition, that’s the only thing exclusive to their particular faith. This invariably makes them look utterly ridiculous.

      The alternative is a more humanist perspective which almost anyone could give, with some largely irrelevant story from their scriptures thrown in to boost their credentials.

      I notice that we haven’t heard from Daniel Greenberg since the challenge was posed to him.

      Daniel Greenberg, Parliamentary Lawyer


  3. Salvation is the important thing, according to Sam Wells. Salvation means being saved from sin and its consequences, which include death and separation from the IMF, and (according to some sources) everlasting torture. If we’re very sorry for our sins, people like Sam can assure us that we are forgiven and tell us not to do it again. But sinning is inescapable. We do it all the time, every day, even if we consciously try not to.

    The amount of guilt and terror that this never-ending process puts on some people end up damaging them beyond repair. Those who are fortunate enough to see through the con-trick and escape the cycle of sin-and-repentance still have to deal with the problems that the real world throws at them. But at least they realise that those problems aren’t solvable through fine words and wishful thinking.


  4. So…. the proposed European Super League is like Christian salvation. I can’t see it myself. I can’t find the necessary parallels for : a creator deity that invented sin (or where else did sin come from?); enabled its created humankind to sin; punished same for sinning; partially appeared in human form on earth so that humans could kill it; then came back to life after a day and a half to live forever, and apparently in so doing redeemed the sins of its created humans. Sam might have spent a bit longer enlarging on his parallel.

    He was right that some churches encouraged football teams (St Domingo’s in Liverpool was the beginnings of Everton Football Club). Unfortunately Sam ran out of time, or he might have claimed responsibility for the sectarian divisions that used to foment between Liverpool and Everton until the 1970s, and still erupts into violence from time to time in Glasgow between Celtic and Rangers fans.

    Still, I rather think Sam leapt on the Super League news story this morning to avoid dealing with the reports of racism in his own church.


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