5 thoughts on “Rev Dr Rob Marshall, Priest at St John the Evangelist, Welwyn Garden City

  1. Many people have told Rev Dr Rob how much they have liked the more focussed ceremonies of commendation and committal. Quelle surprise! Anyone who has been to a Humanist funeral will know the benefits to the congregation and family of a ceremony that celebrates the life rather than one that praises a deity.
    Unfortunately those in the nation who bother to watch will have to put up with more waffle from Welby and co today.


  2. Once again, no ‘faith perspective.’ It’s all very well piously saying ‘Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory’ in the knowledge that it’s a religious slot and no one’s going to ask what on earth any of that means. But, what of all those families you mention who, like the Queen and Royal Family, have had to conduct reduced funeral ceremonies, or have been prevented from attending these rites? Any thoughts on where the IMF is in all this, Rev. Dr Rob? And how did the pandemic come about, ‘from a faith perspective,’ and what about the millions of deaths, ‘from a faith perspective,’ or the part the medical profession and scientists have played in treating the sick or developing vaccines against the virus ‘from a faith perspective’?Curiously silent on that front – just like the rest of your IMF followers. Funny, that.


  3. I suppose there will be the obligatory guff about “the sure and certain hope of resurrection”. If it’s ‘sure’ you don’t need hope. Conversely if you’re having to hope then it can’t be certain. Trying to have it both ways, and sounding very confused about whether the afterlife actually exists.


    1. I’d not realised before just how woolly that phrase was; and as you so rightly point out, it promises nothing! And the C of E has special boards of liturgical experts and clerics who put these service books together, and which have been known to wrangle for ages over nuances of meaning, so that nothing could possibly be misinterpreted (mainly, though, to avoid any suspicion of pre-reformation practices, and anything that has a whiff of Popery). Thanks for highlighting that.


  4. Well, we all know the answers to Liverpudlian’s rhetorical questions about ‘faith perspectives’. The IMF gets the credit for the skills of the medical professions and the development of the vaccines; the origins and effects of the virus are probably something to do with our sinfulness, but are not down to the IMF in any way at all.

    One effect of the restrictions of the past year has been the great increase in live-streaming of events. Even Rob Marshall acknowledged that it can enhance people’s sense of participation. There must be families who might normally have gone for a church funeral as the default option who have found instead that a streamed DIY ceremony actually brings the virtual attendees closer together. It might well catch on.

    At least those who watch this afternoon’s obsequies will be spared a sermon and a eulogy. There will still be bagpipes, though.


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