4 thoughts on “Chine McDonald, professional Christian

  1. Difficult to know where to start with this one. But it was was one of those praising how brilliant her IMF is at bringing his omnibenevolent comfort to people – who are suffering from something he strangely didn’t omnibenevolently and omnipotently prevent in the first place.

    The content then was crass, the delivery predictably faux-solemn and bathetically reverential.


  2. A stream of meaningless guff. Even if Ms McDonald’s IMF did make itself human, and physically touched people, it was for an infinitesimally small period of time (and in a very specific, tiny region of the Middle East). It’s a pure cop-out to suggest now that the IMF still touches people through the hands of those who believe in him and ‘do his work.’ She is right in stressing the importance of physical, human contact to our general mental well-being. But a warm rubber glove, however inadequate, is still going to be more effective than ‘the hand of God’ after which it is named. This was a complete waste of 3 minutes air time.


  3. So it was Maradona’s warm-water-filled rubber glove that robbed our brave lads all those years ago. Trust those slippery South Americans to pull another fast one.

    Actually, if I was at death’s door I think a clasp round the neck from a pair of rubber gloves would be more than enough to pull me over the threshold.


  4. Two stories this reminded me of. The first was an article I read as a teenager in the Reader’s Digest in the late 70s about how the Moonies would get people to go along to their meetings and then during the service would rub the potential new member’s shoulders from behind. Apparently it was a way of making the person more open to the suggestions of that religious cult. I was always ready to repel them after reading that.
    The second was a thought about the lack of intimacy or touch and whether that led to pedophilia among celibate priests. Trying to find something about the latter is difficult online but from an Australian inquiry into catholic priest sexual misconduct one participant doctor asked “how a celibate person could maintain a healthy personality while resisting normal sexual urges.” If babies can die from lack of intimacy one wonders how much a celibate priest’s real humanity dies inside through its lack too.


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