6 thoughts on “Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

  1. Yes, indeed, such “Big News.”
    A report was released yesterday, dealing with racism in the UK, which has had a mixed reception. Forget that, though; the church is keeping another of its annual feasts, and we’ve all got to hear Lucy’s take on it. How did this get past those vigilant scrutineers at the Beeb whose job is to keep TFtD contributors on their toes?

    When England was still, arguably, a Christian country, it was customary for the King himself to wash the feet of a selection of his poorer subjects on Maundy Thursday, in at least a token demonstration of humility, and reflecting the actions of Jesus. King John and his successors all did it. Charles II, however, found he couldn’t countenance this degradation, and decided just to give them the money instead – and anyway he was far too busy with all his mistresses. Since then no British monarch has considered a return to the custom. I cannot question the depth or nature of our present Queen’s faith; and she appears always to have taken very seriously her role as Supreme Governor of the C of E – and it would be impractical for a nonagenarian to get down on her hands and knees with a bowl and towel. But such is the elevated, entrenched establishment status of the Church, far removed from the original concept of Christian living, that any demonstration of real, Biblical, Christian action would possibly appear alien and even disturbing.


  2. It was the custom in ancient Palestine for hosts to wash their visitors’ feet – or rather, to get their servants to wash them – to remove the dust of the journey and as an act of hospitality. The ‘Hebrew scriptures’ mention it. Pretending that Jesus did it as well can be seen as part of his portrayal as the ‘Suffering Servant’, the Jewish Messianic figure who makes an appearance in Isaiah and whom early Christians seized upon as a prophecy.

    So the Maundy Thursday ritual is mainly a piece of symbolism, as Lucy Winkett says, although not quite in the sense she means it. As for the hygiene bit….well, all the Gospels, starting with Mark, tell the tale about Jesus instructing the disciples not to wash their hands before eating, because that’s what the Pharisees do. Symbolic as well, I suppose, but with the side-effect of possible dysentery to contend with.


  3. Easter week waffle.
    I hope I’m not being too controversial here, but if I was an all knowing supernatural entity who wanted its favourite created species to understand how to keep clean then I would have given them early knowledge of germ theory when speaking from whichever burning bush I felt was appropriate at the time. Of course, the entity did apparently give instructions that (miraculously?) match what the knowledge of people living at that time would already have been. Funny that isn’t it? Can Lucy et al perhaps explain why the exact advice that would be given now wasn’t given then? Surely their god knew this stuff.
    Luckily for us nowadays we have germ theory, medicines and scepticism of the supernatural to help us understand the world and keep clean.


    1. Shouldn’t god have made his favourite creation with inbuilt immunity to all the bacteria and viruses in the very first place. Or even create the world without bacteria and viruses. Or maybe he did and the devil introduced the germs just like the pope seems to have asserted last week when he said that Covid 19 was the work of the devil.


  4. Rev Lucy tells us we’re “worth the washing” & “worth the cost”.
    Sounding like L’Oreal’s tagline, I wondered if the cosmetics company was linked to the temporarily visible third of the Invisible Magic Friend… hey presto! jesusloreal.com was revealed to me.
    ‘Jehovah’s Fitness’ is particularly enjoyable (“discover how you can shift a stone in a three days”) – https://jesusloreal.com/jehovah-s-fitness


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