Rhidian Brook, writer, celebrity and Christian

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, I went for a walk with a friend and talked to him. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. This is exactly like the temporarily visible third of the Invisible Magic Friend going for a walk after he got up after being temporarily sacrificed to himself to save us from what he was going to do to us.

You can be sure that that happened because I’m telling you it did, and I’m a writer, celebrity and Christian who thinks really deep thoughts about life and invisible magic stuff.


6 thoughts on “Rhidian Brook, writer, celebrity and Christian

  1. Pedantry compels me to point out that the distance from Richmond Bridge to Eel Pie Island isn’t seven miles, as Rhidian Brook claims: it’s barely two. Pedantry also compels me to note that nobody is quite sure where Emmaus was, or even if it existed. The story in ‘Luke’ might just have been a reworking of one of the tales from the ‘Hebrew scriptures’. like so much else in the Gospels.

    Still, I’m glad that Rhid and his pal had a nice chat, and that they managed to deal satisfactorily with the deep questions of disease, addiction and death, which are the first things that come to mind when the IMF is mentioned. No doubt Rhid’s coinage ‘strollocking’ is meant to be a jocular combination of strolling and talking b*llocks. It appears to be even more appropriate to what he was doing than he intended.


    1. Yes, “seven miles” only makes sense with a really twisty-turny route. Not for the first time, something doesn’t add up.
      I like “strollocking”, though. I’d suggest “wafflecroc” for presenting TFTD while wearing plastic ‘holey’ footwear.


  2. “I had an everyday experience. Like every other single experience I have, as a devoutly pious Christian, I can see it only through the filter of bible tales about Jesus, which describe definite actual historical supernatural events that definitely actually historically happened.

    If I adopt a tone of faux solemnity (especially of a kind that we Christians always do during ‘Lent’) then this might distract from the clanging bathos that’s characteristic of pretty much all my anecdotes.

    That’s it, really”.


  3. “Some say that god can’t be comprehended by the finite mind, but can be known through an intimate encounter found in ordinary experience…”

    Not quite sure what a ‘finite’ mind is, but it strikes me that those who believe in Rhid’s incomprehensible, mysterious IMF have (deliberately or unwittingly) limited their own minds, being afraid to admit that absence of any sort of communication might just mean ‘he’ isn’t there. God’s are, on the other hand, readily understandable by the rational mind, which knows that they are a human construct – created for a variety of reasons.

    I was also baffled by the notion of finding the IMF in an intimate encounter in daily life; so unlike the IMF of scripture. In the O.T. that IMF is all too ready to manifest ‘himself’ in the lives of his chosen ones who he rules so strictly, and woe betide anyone who dares look when ‘he’ appears. The IMF is not entirely shy and retiring in the N.T. either; his voice being heard coming out of various clouds; or a bodily manifestation occurring on the top of a mountain. Must have made J.C. and his gang a bundle of nerves wondering where ‘he’ might pop up next. Since scriptural times, however….. Zilch. It’s just been left to Mary to put in an appearance here, there, and wherever. Funny, that.

    I am familiar with the phrase “Do your talking while your walking,” which Rhid reminded me of this morning; it was regularly used by a Scouse landlady when clearing her pub after time. I seem to recall that by the time we reached home we had solved all the world’s problems.


  4. Humans have about 100 billion neurons which make up a complex and interconnected network in our evolved brains, allowing us to develop incredibly complex patterns of thought. For centuries those brains have been slipping away from the finite idea of a supernatural god and contemplating the infinite possibilities which freeing yourself from such dogma can provide.
    Maybe you don’t notice it so much by the Thames but in the hills and dales of the countryside you can’t help but notice how the landscape has been shaped over millions of years by great movements of tectonic plates. Palaeogeographers have now created an animation showing plate movements for the last billion years – the first 3.5 billion are probably too difficult to reconstruct. See https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2021-02/uos-aby020721.php and check if there is any time during the animation when you think a supernatural entity might have intervened to decide where it would place a promised land. I think you will find it difficult to spot.


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