3 thoughts on “Dr Chetna Kang, Psychiatrist and Hindu Priest in the Bhakti Yoga/Vaisnava tradition

  1. “Teachers, when grading students, don’t use your experience, wisdom, knowledge or training.
    “Instead, think about the consequences. And, er, something or other about an empowering and loving effect.”


  2. “Teachers will grade their pupils’ exams.

    There’s, not one, but two stories from Hinduism I can unconvincingly shoehorn into that.

    Here goes..”


  3. According to Wikipedia, all these made-up tales about interviews between Krishna and Arjuna were inserted into the
    Hindu epics around the second century BCE. What any of them has to do with education, or educational assessment, beats me. If we are going to go back to the ancients in order to get tips about education – not necessarily recommended – why not go back a further couple of centuries and try to learn from ancient Athens? At least Aristotle had the good sense to concentrate on empirical research.

    Still, it is amusing to think of hard-pressed teachers sitting down with a pile of exam scripts and saying to themselves “How can I be sure I am not just doing the right thing, but doing it to the most empowering and loving effect?”


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