3 thoughts on “Rev Dr Dr Prof David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College Durham

  1. “The vaccine is a gift from God”

    I genuinely don’t know where to start with this – surely the most colossally crass and ill-judged utterance ever heard on TftD, amongst formidable competition.


  2. If there is lack of uptake of the vaccine amongst members of any community then you have to ask what are the barriers to believing that vaccines are good for you. Here is a hint; the last few places on earth that resisted taking polio vaccine were all influenced by religious dogma which was primarily anti-science in its outlook.
    I agree with the Prof that there is continuing mistreatment of people in many societies by some scientists, but also politicians and religious believers, whose cultural biases lead them to still think that there are major differences in humans based on racial stereotypes. This makes some communities doubt good advice.
    The best way of addressing the doubt about vaccines is for there to be more scientific education within societies rather than more religion. Religions require their members to believe things that are not provable and openly teach their adherents to doubt real world facts. It is no surprise that those adherents are resistant to ideas and provable facts that put those beliefs in doubt.
    I applaud those religious leaders who have tried to persuade their members to take the vaccine but the answer to dealing with the problem is less religion.


  3. Well stated Matt2112 – How indeed is it possible for someone to say that when they receive the COVID vaccine they will ‘thank God’ for it, without clarifying their IMF’s part in ‘creating’ the virus in the first place? Of course, those of us unencumbered by religion will accept scientific explanations for the appearance of the virus, and be glad that science enables a vaccine against it. But if you believe in a creator IMF that made everything in the earth, the universe and space, then that must include the virus.


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