Tina Beattie, Professor of being Catholic

I’ve just found out that insects are really useful. Of course I should have realised this. The Invisible Magic Friend created them to be useful. All you selfish, hedonistic consumers are killing insects. If everyone was Catholic and just stayed home reproducing all day, then the insects would be fine.


7 thoughts on “Tina Beattie, Professor of being Catholic

  1. As far as I can make out, “Creation” is what religious people like Tina call all the ‘nice’ things in the world. Like Mrs C F Alexander it’s ‘All things bright and beautiful…’ Tina and her ilk will never claim mosquitoes and tape worms for their IMF’s ‘creation,’ and none have so far attributed COVID-19 to their deity’s hand either.

    Nor do the religious acknowledge that much of ‘nature’ that surrounds us and supplies our needs is NOT as her ‘creator’ provided it. All our domestic animals are the result of centuries of human husbandry, as are vegetables, fruits, corn crops, and garden flowers. All the beautiful horticulture of great gardens that god-worshippers love to attribute to the generosity of their IMF have been ‘created’ by generations of human experts.

    Furthermore, dramatic changes in the ‘harmony’ of nature that Tina laments, have not always resulted from human intervention – humankind was not responsible for two ice ages or the extinction of dinosaurs.

    Whilst human activity IS responsible for much current depredation of the earth, and for climate change, this does not mean that SOME consumer demands still need to be fulfilled; it’s a matter of balance; the population needs feeding and clothing, and the means to express itself in all the intellectual ways that distinguish humans from other species.

    Lastly – Tina can rail against ‘economic growth’ but it has provided a nice little income for hers and other churches over the centuries, because, after all, they produce nothing themselves. The C of E has certainly been forced to consider how ethical its investments are in recent times, but it still relies on a system of investment, profit, shareholding and all the rentier financial system that more pure forms of her faith have descried and rejected in the past.

    Get your act together, Tina. If you’re going to witter on about nature like Fotherington Thomas (who sa “Hello trees, hello sky” and is utterly wet and a weed) then don’t expect a Radio 4 audience to take you seriously, or think you have anything profound and thought-provoking to say.


  2. A great shame for Tina that there are no big news stories at the moment that are directly relevant to the Catholic Church…


    1. There is ONE, but of course it’s too big a hot potato for Tina, or Pepinster, or any of them. The publishing of details of the monstrous Catholic mother and baby homes in Ireland where thousands of infants died, and countless children suffered life-damaging deprivation and abuse. But, easier to talk about ‘nature,’ and the wonderful IMF or great Popes etc etc.


  3. Excellent comments above as ever.

    Tina from her impenetrable Catholic cloud cuckoo land in this one was literally saying, “Look! A squirrel!”

    But, we see you, Tina.


  4. Yes, very good comments, especially from Liverpudlian, who has skewered the strange combination of ignorance and hypocrisy that arises when most Christians try to talk about ‘nature’. I’m not aware that Papa Frankie has had much to say about insects recently, so I’m surprised that Tina Beattie decided to risk sticking her neck out and showing how little she knows about the subject.

    As for the enormous elephant in the room today, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary and Jesus, which ran the Irish concentration camps for unmarried women, are quoted as saying ““We especially want to recognise and accept today that so many women who were shunned and shamed by society did not find the support and level of care they needed and deserved at such a dreadful and painful time in their lives.” Not the slightest recognition that this wicked policy was devised by the RCC specifically to shun and shame the women involved, or that the ‘Sisters’ were delighted to play their part in implementing it. I hope the Irish Government throws the book at them.


  5. I read the paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) – https://www.pnas.org/content/118/2/e2023989118 that may have caught Cath Pepinster’s eye yesterday when she couldn’t bear to look at the news from Ireland so buried herself in a little bit of scientific knowledge – it can be so comforting not to read the hypocritical words of religion at certain times can’t it Cath?
    It’s not just insect populations that have been altered by mankind, it’s virtually all the biomass on the planet. What on earth is the IMF doing letting us rampage over it’s “creation” in this way? In the time of Noah, when there had been far less damage, didn’t the IMF press its reset button and create a big flood to punish the few humans around at that time? Clearly it has learnt to be a bit more tolerant since then.
    Or maybe, and I’m just putting this out there, maybe Cath there is no IMF and Mankind’s 10,000 year reign could be seen as just a minor blip in our planet’s 4.6 billion year existence. As we used to say at my scientific workplace – 10,000 years is not log in geological time.


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