5 thoughts on “Rev John Bell of the Iona Community

  1. Sorry John but the problem isn’t just with American conservatives and evangelicals, it is that all religious people (and other ideologues) are willing to accept untruths, assertions and anything else made up to support their beliefs. Unfortunately for the religious this is more of a problem.
    As we have seen with discussions over ‘following the science’ in recent months, scientists disagree with one another over aspects of science thought but they all have to show their workings to test their hypotheses.
    With religion it is acceptable to say “this is what I believe” with no evidence.
    Anyone who follows the bible or quran unthinkingly is liable to be sucked in to other conspiracies just as easily.


  2. Whilst human behaviour can affect us all, Rev John’s complaint should be to his IMF for not clearly communicating its wishes to so many of its followers.
    That’s assuming we’re talking about the same IMF. Given the chaotic nature of religious beliefs, it seems more likely that there are several opposing IMFs rather than a single unified threesome.
    Will the real Christian IMF please make itself known so that all this confusion can end.
    As an internal issue, I don’t know why he wants to tell everyone that their religion is a garbled mess – outsiders are unsurprised and, unless it threatens the well-being of others, unbothered.


  3. White evangelical support for Trump was down from 2016 but not by much, about 75% from 81%. Of course, those who stuck with him did not have the excuse of ignorance, so are even more culpable of what Bell is accusing them of. Which begs the question,does Bell judge this substantial proportion of US Christianity as no longer Christian? If not, just what is the significance of the imaginary line he’s drawn between his and their beliefs?


  4. John Bell criticises people such as Trump who “stand on a podium, manipulate emotions, pontificate and defy contradiction”. Remind you of anyone?

    As others have said, Bell has no objective grounds on which to condemn white US evangelicals and promote his own version of Christianity. For every Gospel reference to “gentle Jesus, meek and mild” one can find an “I come not to bring peace, but a sword”. One of the many reasons for rejecting the BBoMS as a reliable guide to life is its utter inconsistency and the ease with which it can be cherry-picked so as to support virtually any viewpoint under the sun.


  5. It was hard to disagree with much that Bell told us this morning, since all his observations could have been made by any disinterested observer (and probably have been), with no religious affiliation. His words could have been lifted straight from a University dissertation from a sociology degree. It was interesting because it was based on observable facts. But – was it actually a reflection on a story or person in the news from a faith perspective? I didn’t think it was. We were certainly not left with any ‘thought’ to mull over during the day; it was a statement of the disturbing effects of religious belief that most of us are all too painfully aware of already.


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