5 thoughts on “Ven Elizabeth Adekunle, Archdeacon of Hackney

  1. Did she mention religion here?
    Her idea that a card is a gift is true, but how many of you on here have received cards from people who you have never kept up with during the rest of the year. After moving in to our present house we received a card addressed to the previous owners which I opened and simply said “From Walter”. I sent it on to them expecting they would contact Walter and tell him that they had moved. They clearly didn’t bother as a similar card arrived for the next 8 years. When does a gift become an annoyance?
    Christmas cards when I was younger were very boring. In the 1980’s some humour started to appear and my favourite ever card was one I saw in a local art shop. It was the usual nativity scene layout with Mary, Joseph, shepherds etc but all with a shocked look on their faces. The message inside simply read “It’s a girl!” I’m sure Mary Whitehouse would have considered it blasphemous.


  2. I think the nearest she got to a religious message was that when you send Christmas cards you don’t expect an immediate response. So this is just like giving without expecting any reward; and this is of course a central pillar of Christianity, which invented it.

    Some of us make a note of who’s sent us a card back, and if they fail to do so two years on the trot they come off our own list, no messing. Bah Humbug.


  3. I know its inflammatory but I send cards, happy yuletide ones, to the intolerant hardline fundamentalist christians the in the village. I send them from made up people with messages such as “Hope to meet up with you in the new year” just to add a bit of mystery.


  4. Another TftD that for three minutes failed to find the foothold of an actual point.

    I once sent a devout Christian friend a Christmas card that on the front said something like:

    “At Christmas, we remember the Three Kings…”

    And on the inside:

    ” ‘King Noisy, ‘King Stressful and ‘King Expensive!!”

    It was taken in the spirit meant. 🙂


  5. A card can be a present – even though it isn’t really.
    Just like ignoring the IICSA report can be an acknowledgement of the IICSA report. Even though it isn’t really.


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