Scintillatingly Rev and non-female Philip North, Bishop of Burnley and not Bishop of Sheffield

Maradona was a really good footballer. A really, really good footballer. He did some drugs and hung around with gangsters and such, but he was a good Catholic, which has nearly the right kind of Invisible Magic Friend. Er, St. Paul.

6 thoughts on “Scintillatingly Rev and non-female Philip North, Bishop of Burnley and not Bishop of Sheffield

  1. 1/ God is by definition , perfect
    2/ God created humans in his own image
    3/ Humans are imperfect. It’s their weaknesses which define them.
    4/ Err. Err.


  2. That ‘unspeakable poverty’ wouldn’t have anything to do with Argentina’s Roman Catholicism by any chance? The lack of birth control and seven children born to his parents would be unconnected with living in the arse-end of Buenos Aries, then.

    North’s glib encomium to poverty and all its advantages was sickening – but of course the RCC loves it, is founded on it, thrives on it. Maradona (he’s died, apparently – who knew?) was a gifted footballer; a correlation between his skills and his family’s poverty would be hard prove I suspect. Argentina is football mad, towns and cities packed with clubs at all levels. Maradona was spotted when he was still aged in single figures; I doubt that a comfortable home life and a little parental affluence would have made any difference to his career – but might have made for a happier home.


  3. For the RCC to prosper it needs an enormous base of underfed, impoverished, under educated subjects on which to parasitise. On the blood sweat and tears of massed underdogs the powerful, manipulative and coercive elite can thrive. Such is the charity of the RCC.


  4. Another world famous footballer Johan Cruyff said “I don’t believe in God. In Spain all 22 players make the sign of the cross before a game. If it worked, every game would end in a tie.” I find it embarrassing whenever a player makes any religious sign before or during a game.
    Where was god when evangelical christian David Luiz cracked Raul Jiminez’s skull at the weekend? I imagine she must have been watching one of the other matches on Sky when Luiz crossed himself.
    Isn’t it pertinent that one of the reasons Maradona was so lauded in Argentina was because he cheated and then thanked god for helping him win by cheating? What sort of lesson is that to any aspiring footballer or anyone at all?


  5. It is only a small step from accepting that we are all weak or vulnerable in some way to ‘acknowledging and bewailing our manifold sins and wickednesses’, as the BCP has it. Keeping the flock in a permanent state of grovelling guilt is one of the oldest tricks in the book. And the great thing is that you can never break free: no matter how repentant you were last time, and how good you’ve tried to be since then, it’s never enough. You have to go through the whole confession/guilt/repentance ritual again. For life.


  6. Bish North mentions forgiveness (re Maradona for ‘that handball’) and the RCC (Papa Frankie) so all the ingredients are there for addressing the IICSA report for the 1st time on TFTD.
    Instead, we’re treated to a dead footballer and the usefulness of insincere religious belief. Consider me unimpressed.


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