3 thoughts on “Rev Dr Rob Marshall, Priest at St John the Evangelist, Welwyn Garden City

  1. Anyone who knew nothing about Christianity and Advent, and happened to catch TftD by accident, would surely have asked “But what are you actually waiting for?” Because I don’t think Rob Marshall told us (not that I’m going to listen to it all over again to find out). Maybe he thought that some cynic might point out that people have been waiting for Jesus to put in an appearance for two millennia, and he invariably disappoints. At least a Covid vaccine should be along a bit quicker than that. And it will actually be worth waiting for.


  2. Advent is the countdown to ‘the big day’ for the likes of Rev Rob.
    Literally dozens of people in the UK will be getting excited for religious reasons.

    Advent would be a good time to think about babies & children but Rev Rob failed to become the first TFTDer to address the damning IICSA report. His Advent Calendar is obviously more important.


  3. As long as there is a Hotel Chocolat chocolate behind each window then Advent is worth having in the calendar.
    What would Jesus do with his chocolate? Bet he would prefer that to frankincense.


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