14 thoughts on “Chine McDonald, professional Christian

  1. Given Chine’s slow delivery and uncomfortable pauses, it makes me suspect her IMF, having given her very little material today, was still careful to specify that she should waste time and so avoid mentioning clerical sexual abuse in the IICSA report.
    Even so, her talk of charity & sacrifice is surely the perfect set-up for Chine to address the plight of children. What could be more important to the CofE than its reputation, oops, er, I mean, the young & vulnerable?


  2. I read somewhere yesterday the Arch or Cant condemned the reduction in foreign aid to help fund our domestic C19 vaccination programme was morally wrong. Perhaps the CoE should donate 4 Billion GBP to plug the foreign aid cut.

    Welby needs to sort out the problems of clerical abuse of children and the protection of its paedophile clerics. Its called prioritisation and attending to things he can influence rather that bleating about things he cannot but get him exposure as a caring person.

    Will he and his agents of gloom forgo their vaccinations so that others more needy can get theirs?
    Where will Welby be in the vaccination queue I wonder? And I think it matters not a jot if CoE churches are allowed to remain open. So few attend after all.


    1. Oh, Welby will be OK. Apparently he’s taking three months off next year for a period of ‘spiritual renewal’. This is a bit much even for professional god-botherer Karen Armstrong, who writes in the Grauniad that Welby “seems to be saying that his personal wellbeing is paramount and that the anxiety, suffering, fear and grief of a country in the grip of a deadly pandemic and an economic crisis is, at best, a secondary concern”.


  3. So let me get this straight. Chine McDonald isn’t saying simply that we should ensure an equitable distribution of the vaccines as they become available, as many people have already done (including most of the religious authorities who have taken it upon themselves to comment). No, instead she seems to think that “we” should make the sacrifice of sending all the vaccines we have bought to poorer countries, despite the additional death toll, societal misery and complete financial meltdown this would mean for ourselves.

    I don’t think she’s thought this through.


    1. StephenJP, you are assuming that her thoughts are really about doing this. They are almost certainly not. It is almost certain that her thoughts are “how can I make myself seem selfless by suggesting something out of my control?”


    2. She didn’t have to think it through, god told her. All good christians ask god what to think, say and do.

      Even Joe Biden has asked already for godly guidance even though his top priorities are plainly painfully obvious to all.

      Don’t get me wrong. President Biden is such a relief for the civilised world. Methinks the USA had a very close call … had Trump prevailed then he would surely have pushed to be in power for much longer than 4 more years trying instead with the help of Russia to become a dictator. Trump and his enablers very nearly killed off democracy.


      1. And there is the nub. I don’t think Trump has a religious bone in his body. But he cynically allied himself with reactionary evangelicals. Biden looks to be a sincere Catholic, but would never have allowed such rabid anti- abortionists into the Supreme Court .

        As much as I oppose their inconsistencies on here, if it means we need to ally with liberal believers, so be it. Neither atheism nor secularism are ends in themselves to me. They are part of a progressive world view, to me. And if it means allying with some of the more liberal religious, I’ll take that. But I reserve the right to point out the contradictions in their theology, and their implications.


  4. The C of E and other religious groups would like us to think that putting others first is a radical idea that could only have been been explained to humans by a supernatural entity. Utter codswallop of course; all human societies help each other and share responsibilities for the care of children, the elderly and the sick. Good for them that believers do help others but adding a made up story as to why they do so is unnecessary.
    Also, given that so far the number of Covid deaths appear to be lower in much of Africa than in the elderly populations of the developed world could mean that they are a higher priority?
    Maybe Chine could explain why her IMF has done nothing about all the other treatable diseases that it makes the developing world suffer with.


    1. Or might it be that there are fewer tests, and therefore fewer COVID diagnoses in developing countries? Or the life expectancy is lower, so more people have died before the age where COVID infection becomes a more significant morbidity threat? Or the temperature is higher leading to “summer” rather than “winter” types of behaviour and infection levels?


      1. Also the demographic. The average age of Africans is much lower than that or more developed parts of the world. Age seems to correlate with vulnerability to Covid.


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