Rhidian Babbling Brook, writer, celebrity and Christian

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, I got a postcard from someone who visited a church.

This reminds me of Jesus. Isn’t it remarkable how he pops up in the news in such a natural and unexpected way? Well, now that he has popped up in such a natural and unexpected way, I can tell you how amazing Jesus is, in a totally non-proselytising way of course.

Praise be to the all powerful and amazing Jesus, who you should all get down on your knees before and worship!


8 thoughts on “Rhidian Babbling Brook, writer, celebrity and Christian

  1. “Getting a postcard of Mr Jesus is exactly like getting an imaginary postcard from the real Mr Jesus.”


  2. He seems bowled over that a statue can survive plague. Do you think someone ought to tell him?
    If Jesus is everywhere, always has been, and its presence is benign, why the need for the statue in the first place?


    1. Just listened again. Substitute mosaic for statue. I must have drifted off at the start. Everything else still applies.


  3. A postcard can remind us all of the time before Jesus (or his invisible other parts) didn’t impose the virus on us all. “The all will be well Jesus…”. Mmm, that would be something to see wouldn’t it? 2000 years and he ain’t shown yet.
    And apparently mosaics can survive the plague; who could imagine such a miracle?
    My favourite part of the Today programme so far is the spat between Pope Francis and the hardliners such as Raymond Burke who would like to return us to a time when homosexuality was an evil. This from a man whose church still hasn’t dealt with its real evils.
    Nice outfit by the way- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raymond_Leo_Burke


      1. Marvellous! I imagine they excuse the gaudy trappings by saying they have to wear them to be taken seriously in their position as senior figures helping others to understand the glory of Jesus the


    1. But the hat is too plain. It needs tarting up.

      Burke said this of islam.
      “Islam is a religion that, according to its own interpretation, must also become the State. The Koran, and the authentic interpretations of it given by various experts in Koranic law, is destined to govern the world. … In reality, there is no place for other religions, even though they may be tolerated as long as Islam has not succeeded in establishing its sovereignty over the nations and over the world”.

      A bit rich coming from a catholic who would have catholicism do exactly that but has failed to do so for even longer than islam has existed.


  4. Jesus probably didn’t exist; but even if he did, he conveniently didn’t leave any selfies behind him. And therefore every later age has felt free to create his likeness in its own image. So we go from the primitive 2D drawings of the earliest years, through the stern Byzantine image of Rhid’s mosaic (which is a truly great work of art) and the many Renaissance portraits, all the way to the fair-haired, blue-eyed Jesus of the 20th century.

    For what it’s worth, I prefer the figure of Jesus played by the late, great Colin Blakely in Dennis Potter’s ‘Son of Man’ in 1969: a short, stroppy, working-class carpenter who couldn’t quite work out what he’d got himself into. He’s much more convincing than any of the versions peddled in the Gospels.


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