Dr Chetna Kang, Psychiatrist and Hindu Priest in the Bhakti Yoga/Vaisnava tradition

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, spiritual people are better at everything, including dealing with the Invisible Magic Friend’s holy virus.


5 thoughts on “Dr Chetna Kang, Psychiatrist and Hindu Priest in the Bhakti Yoga/Vaisnava tradition

  1. The ‘S’ word again. It’s been trotted out in so many different contexts that it’s become completely devoid of meaning. Doesn’t stop the likes of Chetna Kang lecturing us about the need for more of it, whatever it is.

    And her special brand of Hindu spirituality hasn’t stopped the holy virus running amok throughout India.


  2. Another ‘View from my ivory tower’ TFTD, where the grit and challenge of current affairs is unknown, and unconsidered; only matters of the S….. (well avoided, StephenJP) call out for our attention.

    If a speaker is unable or unwilling to tackle a news item, or person in the news from a faith perspective (the Beeb’s own rules) then they ought not to contribute at all. This was money for old rope.


  3. Yes, the ‘S’ word is used liberally to sound impressive and meaningful when it seems to do or add naff all.
    It’s frustrating to be spoken to in terms which confuse rather than enlighten us non-believers.
    Being in need of spiritual sustenance, I went to the https://sebpearce.com/bullshit/. It told me “Where there is desire, guidance cannot thrive.” I feel better now.


  4. Sounded like an extract from the jacket sleeve of one of those awful self-help books that clog the shelves on airport bookshops. Desperately trying to give us some uplift by talking about make-believe ideas as if we are children believing in Santa.


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