Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, I switched radio stations. I couldn’t listen to any more about the Invisible Magic Friend’s holy virus. That’s what religion is all about, alternative reality.

5 thoughts on “Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

  1. If you’re stuck inside a religion, when the outside world is too bleak & too much to bear, you’ll interpret that bleakness & burden as a lesson which your IMF intended for your spiritual education. How can you think otherwise?
    Whatever the problem for Rev Lucy & co, all roads lead back to her IMF. This is tellingly true where problems remain unresolved because, well, even if the IMF provides no answers or help, you’ll need it to cope, right?


    1. You’ll need and IMF to cope, right?
      I’ve heard much talk during the pandemic of mental health problems and that people who pray are helped by doing so, therefore belief in god is a good thing. The same could be said of Christmas; it is much more fun if you still believe in Father Christmas, but that still doesn’t make him real.
      Should we be thankful that religion is there to help people through this time? I think not – giving people false hope is always a negative. Should we accept the story that says any port in a storm is better than none? Not if, like in America, people put their trust in god and go around hugging each other at White House receptions to celebrate getting a Catholic on board rather than follow the best practice of keeping your distance. Luckily for the huggers and hugged, the scientists have found medicines to save them and their ignorant leader. It hasn’t been so lucky for over 200000 others many of whom probably followed the leader’s advice.


  2. A CofE priest admits Jesus didn’t originate most of the dogmas and doctrines of Christianity, let alone its elaborate hierarchical structures. It was ordinary falllible human beings after all, then? If pressed on the point, no doubt Lucy Winkett would say that they were inspired by the Holy Spirit, to which the obvious response is ‘How do you know?’ Still, it’s a start.

    But Jesus didn’t just tell stories, did he? Indeed, in ‘Mark’ he reminds the disciples that they’re in on the secrets of his teaching, while his parables are aimed at the uninitiated proles. He says a whole lot of other things, such as not bringing peace but a sword; and fulfilling the law and the prophets to the letter; and separating the sheep from the goats; and casting sinners into outer darkness. But perhaps they’re just stories as well, eh, Lucy?


  3. And still no mention of child abuse in the CofE. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were avoiding the subject. Obviously Rev Lucy changing radio stations is much more important.


  4. “Reflections from a faith perspective on issues and people in the news”. Not sure about today’s effort.
    I have a sneaking suspicion too, Rev Peter, that the C of E might just be trying to ignore what was one of the biggest non-Covid stories of the past few months.
    Maybe someone from one of the other branches of Christianity or from one of the other religions might try a bit of one-upmanship by bringing it up. But then again, let he who has not sinned cast the first stone eh?


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