Right Awful Anne Atkins – Agonising Aunt and Vicar’s Wife

One good deed deserves another.

I’ll spin this out with various heart warming tales and what I’m sure is a very subtle and clever non-mention of Jesus. HE did that for me, there’s nothing I can’t do for HIM.


6 thoughts on “Right Awful Anne Atkins – Agonising Aunt and Vicar’s Wife

  1. What a hot mess. One could almost believe she’d had a bet with someone as to how many disparate things she could mention in a 3.5 minute monologue. More likely this is just a reflection of the cotton-wool scramble to be found inside her head; in which case she has my sympathy, though I’m not sure why this should be offered to me on national radio at 7.45 on a Tuesday morning.


  2. The final two lines of this paean to human altruism were a poem that was on the wall of my secondary school hall. Although it had a religious meaning for the writer, for me it fitted with what I was taught and the way I always played sports. Try to win but not at all costs and try to respect you opponent. The latter was sometimes difficult when playing against win at all costs opponents.
    You don’t need a god Angela to tell you something that all human societies believe in.


  3. Dear Mr Anonymous-Bit-of-an-IMF,
    We’re told that you’re a good sport because you wanted to die a bloody death for us.
    Your personal suffering seems to be wholly unnecessary but we can all appreciate you meant well.
    The problem seems to be that your followers think your solution to ‘the problem of forgiveness’ was the best ever. Not wishing to be mean but that’s completely bonkers.
    As an example of a sacrifice, some cite the willingness to throw oneself onto a grenade to save others.
    Sorry to point this out but you should ask yourself – are you the hero if you throw yourself onto the grenade which you just threw?
    And should you encourage others to do the same? (btw the correct answer is ‘no’). After all, we wouldn’t want a world of suicide bombers, lol!
    Anyway, that’s all.
    Yours (not), DD


    1. “Sorry to point this out but you should ask yourself – are you the hero if you throw yourself onto the grenade which you just threw?”

      And then having saved us from the grenade that you threw in the first place, put yourself back together as good as new and demand that we be eternally grateful to you and worship you?


      1. As ever, Jesus is mortal for exactly the length of time needed for the Christian narrative. After which he can revert to being part of the oh so generous IMF.


  4. I don’t know what was most emetic: the faux wide-eyed emoting, the over-dramatised delivery (complete with little chuckles now and then), or the (deliberate?) confusion of sport with sportsmanship.

    Yes I do, though. It was the implication that the self-sacrifice of the fictional Jesus character was the basis of all previous and subsequent acts of human altruism. There was no recognition that altruism is hard-wired into very many animals, maybe even most, and that there are good sound evolutionary reasons why this should be so.

    But I suppose AAA should not be singled out here. In all the years of listening to, or more usually half-hearing, TftD pundits going on about self-sacrifice, I have never once heard any of them acknowledging the biological basis for it.


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