5 thoughts on “Rev Dr Dr Prof David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College Durham

  1. Oh for goodness sake! In the USA it is the right wing xtians and their anti-science agenda (we can’t accept evolution) that allows Trumpians to spend the current fire crisis saying it is nothing to do with climate change. Why didn’t this catch his eye in the news instead?
    This keeps him well out in front as the most annoying of the TFTDers.


  2. David Wilkinson pretends he supports science even when it makes him feel uncomfortable. He can afford to say this because he thinks his IMF is beyond the reach of scientific proof or disproof. No doubt he would say, if pressed, something along the lines that absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence.

    But if there is no evidence for a hypothesis when, if it was correct, there ought to be, that is a strong reason to reject that hypothesis. As the Hitch wrote, what is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

    And Wilkinson hasn’t done his supposed commitment to scientific truth any good by accepting £300k from Templeton to peddle his own version of science to credulous clergypeople. As PaulT says, he is pretty annoying even by TftD standards.


  3. If we knew whether or not ‘life’ was the cause of the phosphine above Venus, we could design all sorts of probes & experiments to answer some of our many questions.
    But, before all that, we’ll spend years & billions of quid reaching the ‘life – yes/no’ conclusion (however tentative) when the answer is already known by Rev Wilkinson’s IMF which seems to concentrate on keeping secrets rather than, say, helping us fight its own virus.
    Just a single cosmic word would save so much money & effort.
    But no, the usual heavenly silence continues while our finite resources are stretched between life-saving and life-enhancing pursuits.
    So how does Rev Wilkinson justify the vast quantities of money & resources spent on scientific research into questions which already have known answers? I don’t know but, whatever he says, I bet it won’t be his IMF’s fault.


  4. That elephant in Wilkinson’s room gets bigger every time he does TfTD; it is now so huge I’m surprised there’s space to fit him in too. I love astronomy; Patrick Moore got me interested in the early ‘60s, and I welcome any new statements on discoveries made by scientists in this (and any other) field. Wilkinson said something about “empirical observation.” It’s precisely empirical observation, coupled with increasing scientific knowledge that has led hi mankind away from myth and legend, nebulous deities and their whimsical ways; yet old Wilko gaily continues to plough his absurd furrow, talking of his god and the notion of creation as if these were still part and parcel of modern scientific objective. Trouble is, he knows too well when he’s onto a good thing (a comfy clerical stipend and pension) to own up to the truth of the nonsense he peddles. Irritating indeed – my bull-sh*t monitor practically exploded this morning!


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