7 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. Ex-Rev Angela thinks it’s only a matter of time before deaths start rising again. Unfortunately they already are.

    The weekly ONS statistics for 28 Aug show that deaths have been above the 5 year average, and rising rapidly, for the previous 3 weeks. A new set of figures will be available today and may well confirm the trend.

    Recall that before the pandemic, and for a short while after the first wave, deaths were well below average. So in reality it’s probably even worse than the figures suggest. The current number of deaths due to the virus is close to 67,000.


    1. Thankfully, and perhaps surprisingly, today’s ONS data does not confirm the trend. In fact, there has been a sharp decline in the number of deaths in the week to Sep 4.

      Who’d have thought it, some good news.


  2. Again a totally secular ‘thought’, with some desultory reference to St Paul thrown in like a withered fig-leaf. Yet again St Paul. Jesus seems quite out of fashion now.


  3. God, this purely secular and tedious. “I’ve read a book where even upper middle class people were affected by the war”.
    And then we had to listen to Priti Patel spouting political platitudes like a modern day Are You Being Served’s Young Mr Grace – “You’ve all done very well”.


  4. Again more evidence, as if any more is required, that Tilby and the whole cohort of clerics are unfit, unqualified and unable to speak to the nation on a serious topic. She, and they, should stick to their dwindling congregations and coffee mornings where having nothing of import to tell goes unnoticed.


  5. Pretty thin stuff. ‘Characters in a work of fiction are changed by their experiences’. If they hadn’t been, there wouldn’t have been much of a story, would there? And even the ‘faith/hope/charity’ cliche was given a secular slant, apart from the glancing reference to the IMF.

    And now we know that she washes her doorhandles and vegetables ‘religiously’. How would she have done it if she hadn’t been an ex-Canon, I wonder?


  6. For religion here, the years following the World Wars were bad for business. While life began to improve for many (e.g. food was shared more fairly, the NHS), religionists struggled to answer why, in such desperate times on the battlefield or in the bomb shelter, IMFs were utterly absent.
    Religion has continued to decline in ‘the west’ as we’ve grown richer and better educated so, apart from “it’ll all be better when we’re dead” (our Rev Dr), why does Ex-Rev Tilby think we’ll need her IMF in the post-pandemic world when we’ve been generally prospering while rejecting it for ages?


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