Rev Dr Jane Leach, Principal of Wesley House, Cambridge

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, I went for a walk, listened to “The Lark Ascending” and missed the last Night of the Proms.

The Invisible Magic Friend delights in all his creation, including the virus.

2 thoughts on “Rev Dr Jane Leach, Principal of Wesley House, Cambridge

  1. I’m glad she had a nice weekend. But if she is aware enough of the man-made nature of her surroundings, she must surely have some understanding of the natural processes that underpin all of life. How, then, can she still cling to the belief that it is all somehow made by her IMF? And how can anyone with any self-respect take pleasure in the thought that she is nothing more than ‘a creature’?


  2. First, she used, with no irony, the term “deeply real” in a talk about an imaginary friend.
    Second, her use of ‘creature’ sounded a bit odd, but she is probably using it in to remind us that we are part of (a Christian) god’s creation in the same way that earlier in the week we had the use of ‘design’.
    She may believe in evolution but think it is part of her god’s plan. She may pray that her god helps us out of this human climate crisis but neither blind nature or
    God are worried about mass extinction; there have been several since the earth has existed.


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