Rev Dr Jane Leach, Principal of Wesley House, Cambridge

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, I’ve been invited to attend Leonard Theological College in India.

This is a progressive college that fights against caste, gender, religious and LGBTQ discrimination. Religion just makes all these things better and we have the Old Tasty mint to prove it.

4 thoughts on “Rev Dr Jane Leach, Principal of Wesley House, Cambridge

  1. Imagine, a Christian college in India trying to bring Christian ideas to a mainly Hindu country from which religion Jesus possibly got most of his ideas. But then neither religion had it right when it comes to homosexuality or several other ideas that are now considered OK by non-religious secular societies. There is a question for the college to think about.


  2. Rev Leach’s Indian college’s pursuit of humanist values is admirable.
    It’s up to them if they think they can find those values in their BBoMS but, well, it’s obvious that many believers don’t.
    If Leach’s fellow Christians followed her recommended inclusive path, the world would surely be a better place.
    What a shame their IMF either can’t or won’t make it clear that cruel, narrow-minded attitudes are unacceptable.


  3. My understanding was that the Hindus had a pretty healthy attitude towards sex. There are carvings that depict orgies on some of their temples. It slightly baffles me that people want to cling to a religion that promotes bigoted and narrow minded attitudes towards various minorities by pretending that it does the opposite. Surely much better progress would be made by abandoning religion altogether and consigning it to the past where it belongs.


  4. As PaulT points out, there seem to be close connections between Christianity and Hinduism. Indeed, Jesus and Krishna have many similarities: both were miraculously conceived; both had royal genealogies; both were threatened with death by a wicked ruler; both were human incarnations of a triune God; both were tempted by demons; both worked miracles; both transfigured themselves; both predicted their own deaths; and both rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. Could the story of Jesus be simply copied from Krishna? Or are they both examples of a hero-god archetype common to many cultures?

    Anyway, at least this college is trying to do something about the caste problem. Our own government, to its discredit, has failed to act against caste discrimination in the UK. We don’t seem to have heard anything about the issue from Akhandadi Das. I wonder why.


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