11 thoughts on “Rev Dr Sam Wells, Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields

  1. That ‘peak moment’ between 17 and 23 is, I’d suggest, the time when most young people – if they haven’t already done so – see religion for the sham it is and ditch it. That ‘thirst for discovery’ Wells mentions, is exactly what the churches have been trying to suppress in young minds. It is in the teenage years that most youngsters acquire the ‘open mind’ that ‘looks down into a microscope or up into the stars’ and finds that the BBsOMS offer nothing but confusion and obfuscation. Wells misleads in his reasons why the religious focus on schools and hospitals – it’s because they contain a captive audience of the vulnerable and malleable. ‘Change, wonder, healing and transformation’ do indeed occur in these establishments, but are the result of the efforts of hard-working professionals, and not the religious limpets who still claim a ‘right’ to conduct their shabby ‘mission’ in these places – or, in the case of publicly funded schools, the right to run them according to their own rules and beliefs.

    Sam makes some bold claims, not supported by the tenets of his scriptures; and only exposes the enormity of the untruths that people of faith are prepared to state to justify their ‘important’ role in modern society.


      1. Thank you, Rev Peter. I’ve followed the site, but had a period when I felt mentally dried-up, or exhausted. It’s good to feel able to contribute again.


  2. Good to hear from you again, Liverpudlian. As so often in the past, you have hit the nail on the head and covered most of the bases (how’s that for a mixed metaphor?)

    Neither Sam Wells nor anybody else can have the slightest idea what Jesus did before the time when his ministry traditionally started. There is a little tale in Luke about him being found in the Temple at the age of 12 bamboozling the priests, but nothing else. Some of the Gospels that failed to make the short-list for the Biblical Booker Prize have him doing other things, such as striking his schoolfellows dead, or animating clay birds so they could fly; but they too are silent about the vast bulk of his life.

    In truth, the Gospel writers were not interested in historical accuracy or relevance. Their main aim was to dress up their tales to conform with the myths and prophecies of the past, and convince the credulous masses that all this really happened. Sam talked about power in the context of education. He would do better to consider the desire for power as a motivating force for his own faith.


  3. The clerics abhor the notion of thinking for ones self and have done their best for centuries to prevent it. And the taxpayer is stll paying for it today. Shameful.


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