Quantum Mechanics is Obvious – the Movie 2

After the runaway success of part one (it’s had literally a dozen views!) here is part 2.

Here I introduce the idea of “measurement operators” and why it is that their eigenvalues are the only allowed measurements and their eigenvectors are the only states with definite values.

Next week I’ll introduce operator equations. These are one of the prime ingredients that we’ll need to eventually build the Schrodinger Equation.

2 thoughts on “Quantum Mechanics is Obvious – the Movie 2

  1. Wasn’t defacement of the Queen’s coinage once punishable by having your nose slit, or your ears cut off, or something?

    Anyway, many thanks, Rev Dr Peter. This approach is particularly useful, as you say, in helping us to understand where things like eigenvalues and eigenvectors come from. As I recall it (and after over 50 years I don’t recall it very well at all), they were just plonked down in front of us and we were told to manipulate them. I’m not sure I could pass an exam on your lectures once they’re complete, but I’m finding the process very interesting.

    I’m sure there must be somewhere online that would appreciate your approach. What about that maths site that one of the regulars mentioned some time ago (sorry, forgotten the name)?


    1. Thanks StephenJP.

      I think the real benefit of this approach is that it will, eventually, highlight what really is the important physics and what is just the mathematical model.

      It turns out that the vast majority of what people think of as QM, is really just linear algebra. The amount of physics is really very small, but mind blowing nonetheless.


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