6 thoughts on “Martin Wroe, Writer, Journalist, and oh yes incidentally, Assistant Vicar of St Luke’s Church, Islington

  1. “Isn’t prayer just fantastic!”
    I suppose this might qualify as a partial success in the Greenberg Challenge because only a believer in an IMF would try to talk to their IMF. However, there’s no insight in this TFTD which you couldn’t get from a general discussion of meditation (about IMFs and no IMFs).
    Still, I enjoyed Asst Rowe’s story of John Lewis.


  2. Yes, DD, I couldn’t find anything here to object to in this piece for TFTD. But therein surely, lies a problem for the religious propaganda intentions of the programme. You just don’t need the goddy stuff for simple human civility. John Lewis was a great, humane man.


  3. Agree with DD and AKJ. But, unless I missed something, Wroe’s main focus was on how prayer helps you see things in a different light and maybe spurs you into action. Nothing about asking the IMF for a favour, or even petitioning it to make things better.

    If that was all that prayer was used for, surely nobody could object. It’s when it’s used to justify views or actions for which there is no evidence that the problems start.


  4. Martin says that books are good to contemplate and prayer helps you see the world differently.
    But what if the the books you contemplate misrepresent reality and make you misunderstand the way the world really is?
    And he implies that it is only by praying that you will understand the world.
    So can he explain how, for example, members if the the Ku Klux Klan can claim to be Christians and read the bible and understand that god thinks white folks are better than blacks.
    If I was god I would have made sure my message was clear to everyone. Or at least create people to be skin colour blind.
    Non-believers make stuff up as that is a human failing but they don’t have to make up assertions like Martin does to excuse their made up deity for its mistakes.


  5. Prayer … nothing but useless self indulgent laziness. Mumbled platitudes and clasped hands do no one any good except for:-
    … the person doing the praying by way of the warm fuzzy deluded feeling of having done something useful.
    … the clerics who have conned their congregants into religion for the sole purpose of securing obediance power and wealth.


    1. And another good reason for ostentacious public praying, especially in fundamentalist theocracies is to display to the clerics and ones peers that you ardently believe and praise god lest you be fingered as an unbeliever, an apostate, a subversive political agitator or even set up by some jealous adversary for blasphemy. Step out of line by not demonstrating ones conformity with the demands of the dogma and you run the risk of terrible retribution.


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