Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

Cycling is good for your physical health. It’s also good for your spiritual health. Jesus approves of cycling, especially if you do it on pilgrimage to somewhere really holy.

5 thoughts on “Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

  1. I cycle almost every day, although I’m a bit slower than when I was young. When a 4×4 driver raced up behind me last week on a very narrow street, revved his engine, and he and his passengers shouted abuse at me, telling me to get off the f****** road, my spiritual health did not improve in the slightest.


  2. Is there a single ordinary, humdrum human activity that the professionally pious can’t turn into a profoundly meaningful spiritual exercise? Gardening? Going for long walks? Watching rugby? You bet. Indeed, I suspect we’re meant to feel slightly inferior if we don’t experience the connection between whatever it is and a***hole – sorry, ‘our soul’.

    I will personally be aiming to enhance my spirituality in an hour or so’s time by consuming a bottle of Long Man Best Bitter. Deeply satisfying.


  3. The ‘spiritual’/’soulish’ advantages of cycling are not obvious to anyone outside Winkett’s head but I’d like to know how she links the ‘spiritual’ to the physical i.e. when she does something physical, does her ‘soul’ react or do anything other than sit like a blancmange in some ethereal realm?
    If she cycles faster, does her ‘soul’ light up like a dynamo?
    Will a hot day’s cycling leave her ‘spirit’ thirsty or sunburnt?
    And will she fall off her bike if some naughty angel prods her ‘soul’ with a sharp stick?
    These & similar questions would be important if the answers were ever coherent & honest. But, with great consistency and reliability, they never are.


  4. In the early eighties one of my colleagues had a poster from Queen’s Bicycle Race song on the wall at our office. That image used to improve my spiritual health every morning, until he was told to take it down.


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