4 thoughts on “Fearsomely Reverend James Jones, ex-Lord Bishop of Liverpool and Bishop of Prisons

  1. At a moment of utter tragedy and pointless loss like this, individuals are fully entitled to take what consolation they can; and for some people their religion is the best and nearest source of consolation. Nevertheless, I thought it was particularly sad that Mrs Walker felt her faith had increased because her god was now the only thing she had left.

    It was understandable, perhaps, that hundreds of thousands of prayers were offered up for Anthony’s recovery, and of course inevitable that there should have been only one result: they had no effect. They never do. When will the penny drop?


  2. The Rev James gives a great advert for the programme which I expect will be well written.
    Antony Walker’s mother and family have always been dignified in the way they have reminded us, not only of their loss but of the cruelty and senselessness of the racist perpetrators. If you are brought up in a faith background you are bound to use your faith to explain your loss, not matter how ludicrous that may appear to the non-religious. Luckily the family have used what they see as their christian idea of forgiveness wisely and humanely. I continue to wish them well.
    As some of you may remember from earlier posts, my own 27 year old daughter died last December. One of my first thoughts when hearing of her death was of the loss of the future memories we will never have. I don’t think I will be able to watch the programme but hope many do and realise that we need to be on our guard against the spread of anything that will divide us as humans including racism and evangelical backward looking religions.


    1. I think it’s going to be a very difficult film to watch, even without a similar experience of grief. I’m not sure whether I’ll try to watch it live or not. I may just record it and wait until I feel ready.

      I used to think things like this young man’s murder were just rare expressions of thuggish brutality. But lately I’ve begun to wonder if the thuggish brutes might not be the majority.


      1. But lately I’ve begun to wonder if the thuggish brutes might not be the majority.

        I don’t think you need to be too concerned. To take one example, the polls suggest two-thirds of Americans support same sex marriage, and 60% of parents would have no objection to their child having a same sex marriage. I know it’s a different topic and a different country, but it highlights the difference between what we hear and reality.

        The farther racism is isolated and shunned, the louder and more violent its proponents have to get. I’m not suggesting complacency, but racism is more of a minority ideology now than at any time in my life.


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