Hannah Malcolm, project co-ordinator at God and the Big Bang, 2019 Theology Slam winner

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My point is clear.

13 thoughts on “Hannah Malcolm, project co-ordinator at God and the Big Bang, 2019 Theology Slam winner

  1. God and the Big Bang is a subversive antiscience evangelical organisation with the sole intent of polluting the minds of chrildren with fundamentalist christian garbage. The BBC should be censured for giving them airtime.


  2. Read this if you want a good laugh or a good weep at the absolute trash pumped by shamelessly dishonest christians with a deep seated hate of science because it is pushing their god bit by bit into oblivion.


  3. Read this marvellous Jerry Coyne book for an eviserating analysis of those who are desperate to inject their god into science.


  4. Mad isn’t it Declan?
    “You can’t prove scientifically that God exists! No—but that is hardly surprising. Science is the study of the natural world—of nature. Questions about God are questions as to whether there is anything other than nature (God), to which nature owes its existence. It’s no use going to science, the study of nature, to find out whether there is anything other than nature! Science just can’t answer questions like this.”
    Nobody can answer questions like that! What you end up doing is making things up, getting enough people to agree that the thing you made up is real and then calling it a religion. Anyone can do that, but to ask questions, come up with a theory, do research into that theory and then have to admit that things you thought were true aren’t is the beauty of the science process. No one can ever disprove or prove things that were made up and that is why religion and it’s followers are deluded.
    As for this tedious TFTD – where was the specifically religious aspect? Members of two religions had the same thought that it would be a good idea to turn from war and use the tools for farming instead? Hardly inspired by religion is it Hannah.
    Northern Nigeria is beset by all sorts of problems including being one of the last outposts of polio because religious leaders and communities are keeping people from being vaccinated. That would have made a better story to discuss in terms of the religious influence on the world.


    1. But you can prove that christian charlatans and christian fools exist. Are there any other types of christian? I say no. Even some well educated christian with say a Biology Phd can be considered a fool in respect of their christian belief. Just think of the cognitive dissonance clanging away in their heads that goes on and on unresolved.


  5. Just spent a few minutes looking at Hannah Malcolm. She is involved with this. https://twitter.com/CClimateAction
    Why is it christians always have to have their own brand of any popular or fashionable movement? Why not just support Climate Action? Answer: Because they just have to stick their god right in the faces of everyone else.


  6. Our Hannah did well to find a modern story of inventive thinking (admittedly from a non-Christian) which she could link to her Big Book of Magic Stuff. Sadly for her, though, the writers of her BBoMS usually used their “imagination” for inventing myths, glorifying atrocities and trying to sell us a new, hippy version of an incompetent, nasty IMF.
    Her point (if any) seemed to be for her Church to make itself relevant to our post-pandemic future by dreaming up new approaches and influencing generations to come. Was this TFTD a pitch for extra funding for her in-school proselytising group?
    Religions tend to prosper during hard times so the pandemic might be good for the IMF business in the short term but the emptiness of their supernatural claims means they struggle in an educated population. Maybe her IMF should continue the pandemic and keep schools closed for a few decades. You’re welcome, Hannah.


  7. Why oh why does she not follow the lead of Daniel and engage with us on this blog? Oh sorry its because she knows perfectly well that she cannot justify her position against rational grown ups. Give her a class full of children and she will bang on and on lying through her teeth. Horrid woman. Thats another reason to declare christianity immoral. It makes people into liars. Or is those who are comfortable being liars fit easily into the christian mould?


  8. I suppose that if you’re a theologian it helps to have a vivid imagination.

    Hannah Malcolm wants the churches to be more imaginative in pointing the way towards the post-Covid world. Other members of her cult, from Welby down, have been telling us that things need to change, that we can’t go on as we were, that we have to reinvent ourselves.

    What all these people posturing on the sidelines never do is tell us exactly what they think we should do in future. Hannah Malcolm mentioned the desperation of asylum-seekers. OK, let’s take that as an example: what, precisely, should our approach be? Let them all in, regardless of where they are or where they’ve come from? Give them all houses, jobs and benefits? There is certainly a case that could be made for doing that. But it’s rare to hear a church representative actually spelling it out, or anything else for that matter. Perhaps they’re afraid that if they do, they might be asked to put some of their accumulated capital reserves where their mouth is.


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