4 thoughts on “Rev Dr Isabelle Hamley, Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury

  1. “I’m just going to talk about exclusion and people rendered invisible , on a radio slot that excludes and renders invisible more than half the population. “


  2. Problem is, seeing the unseen is a skill that makes demands. There has to be evidence for what is seen to avoid seeing imaginary things that can muddy the waters.


  3. Ever since the time of Mr Jesus, every country’s been founded on ensuring that no one is hungry or lives in poverty… not.
    To the shame of all religions who propose a caring IMF, not much has changed since their chosen revelations or brief divine visits.
    Isn’t it clear that they rely on inequality, the existence of those who need help, the invisible?
    For religious purposes, a bit of do-goodery is better than finding permanent solutions but it’s further evidence that their caring IMF doesn’t, er, care.
    Happy Bastille Day, everyone!


  4. Hard to get a handle on this sort of bland, boilerplate stuff. Except maybe (a), as is the case for all apologists, for obvious reasons she cherry-picks the compassionate words that were put into Mr Jesus’s mouth, and ignores the rather nastier ones; and (b), nothing and nobody could be more invisible than her IMF. All the time, everywhere.


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