Tina Beattie, Professor of being Catholic

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, I’ve been interviewing Catholic women during the lockdown. Some of them have been black Catholic women. They’ve said different things and had different opinions.

Some have pretended to be priests while the churches were closed and they weren’t allowed inside to clean them. Obviously they can’t be real priests because you have to have the right genitalia in order to have magic powers, but they can have fun pretending to have magic powers.

Yes, everything is very different now. Women never even dreamed about pretending to have magic powers in the past.


5 thoughts on “Tina Beattie, Professor of being Catholic

  1. “…women have become priests of the home…”

    Yes, how very, very revealing was this little comment, coming as it did from a Catholic woman.

    Then later, the casual, passing admission her appalling organisation is mired in an endemic child sex abuse scandal. But, hey, let’s enquire of women how much they miss attending ‘Mass’. Because that is where the priority lies.


  2. One can make a very strong case for all RCC clergy to be women and get rid of all the male ones. That would probably totally eradicate the problem of priestly rape of children in the RCC. The RCC can dream up numerous reasons why that could not happen but if the miracle of transubstantiation is held to be real then why not cook up some equally incredible story that male preists are now simply not allowed and female ones are the only option.


  3. I can see why men might be drawn to the Catholic priesthood: all that power over people’s lives, the ability to forgive ‘sins’, the authority given to them uniquely by their IMF(as they believe). Of course, there’s the little matter of celibacy, but the RCC has always managed to find some crafty way round that.

    But I have never understood why women should want to be priests, or indeed why they should want to join such a misogynistic and authoritarian organisation in the first place. Even when they can only pretend to be priests, if Tina Beattie’s account is correct, they seem to enjoy it. But she’s going to have her work cut out if she thinks they’re going to be allowed to do anything other than pretend any time soon.


    1. Why the f*** do men want to become celibate RCC priests unless they are somewhat dysfunctional in the first place.


  4. I talked to a woman today.
    She must have had magical powers.
    I wished for a pint of bitter and, lo, it came forth (or should that be ‘froth’?).
    The magical act cost money but I was still chuffed to bits.
    Er, that’s it.


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