Julie Siddiqi, Co-Founder of the Jewish and Muslim Women’s network

Hurrah, the mosques are opening again! Everyone is welcome: men, women, gay, straight, muslim, the rest. Soon, you’ll all be attending the mosque.

7 thoughts on “Julie Siddiqi, Co-Founder of the Jewish and Muslim Women’s network

  1. A mosque … a place where everyone feels welcome. Really? Thats a bit of a stretch. Well rather a big stretch actually. Well frankly its untrue.
    I absolutely would not feel welcome. I drove past a big one yesterday and felt a distinct feeling of unease and repulsion. And if that is not politically correct or offensive to some then so be it. I dont give a flying fig.


    1. But Alan, do you also, like me, get the same feeling about churches, synagogues and any other form of religious institution? I wouldn’t want to be thought of as Islamophobic when it is belief in all religions that I think is delusional.
      I can sometimes appreciate the architecture, although in the UK I always think C of E churches are, like statues of slave owners, monuments to the memory of moneyed elites. I am mentally repulsed by the bunkum that is served up within.
      I remember going to a wedding of a colleague in Harare at a Salvation Army church where everyone was very lovely and friendly but I felt a definite cooling off when I told the leaders that I didn’t ever go to church because I didn’t believe. I certainly felt cold-shouldered until the dancing started.


      1. PaulT
        Same feeling … Sort of. But I do find mosques more sinister and threatening than other religious buildings because some of the congregants are indoctrinated into the belief they have divine authority to hate and even unleash deadly violence upon infidels and anyone else they take, or are told to take, a dislike to.
        I do find the architecture, structural engineering and craftsmanship of fine gothic cathedrals both beautiful and amazing even though I find the reasons for such establishments outrageously bad. Monuments to the subjugation of the common man. Monuments from which priests, in the not so distant past, could and did exert brutal violence against those who did not comply. And in the current day the CoE stands in the way of Assisted Dying for the terminally ill. That is unforgivably cruel and arrogant.

        When I am out and about and come across a fine village church I always go in if it is open and write this in the visitor book. “Fine building … horrid dogma”


  2. I was really hoping that Julie was going to address Mohammed’s ownership of slaves? Maybe if I went to a mosque she would be able to explain it to me? I really hope the answer is not going to be that I need to look at it in its historical context as that answer doesn’t wash anymore.


  3. “Everyone is welcome…(as long as everyone stays in their gender-segregated area for worship. I know, it’s enough to make any intersectionalist identitarian’s brain to melt, isn’t it?) ”


  4. Ooh, Julie was a bit daring today by (nearly) openly criticising the mosques for being seen as “exclusive only for some” and that being “often men only”. But not gay men.
    I don’t imagine that “after this pause” that is one of the things that will change at all. Come on Julie, lay it on the line to the patriarchy – we didn’t get through this crisis by relying on men only.
    Blimey, Christianity was men only until the 20th century after it’s founding. Are you going to let the Muslim patriarchy continue for another 400 years before they let women be equal? That would be a terrible indictment of your open and caring religion in the modern world.
    But, of course, religion isn’t of the modern world is it? And that is why the patriarchy get away with keeping women down, because it was god’s word that said women and men can’t pray equally and that can’t be changed, ever.
    So, back to the women’s realm then or perhaps leave your religion behind and come and join us in the modern (still quite patriarchal, but hopefully getting better) world.


  5. It’s nice to know our Julie will be going to her less-than-ideal mosque again. Er, that’s it – or did I miss something?


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