7 thoughts on “Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Movement Rabbi at the Movement for Reform Judaism

  1. “We only truly trust those who are physically close to us. Unless it’s Invisible and Magic. And Friendly (though that’s an extra leap of faith, obvs!).”


  2. Trust. I find it hard to trust anyone who is so irrational and deluded to believe in some god or other. In the case of such people I do not necessarily doubt their basic honesty but find it hard to rely upon them to do the right thing because their ability to make fact based rational decisions is obviously impaired.

    I reserve special hard core distrust for those clerics who do not actually believe in god and are knowingly living the lie for whatever reason. The current Arch of Cant has openly said he experiences periods of faltering belief and yet he will not man up to let it all go. I guess he has too much invested in it.

    Welby I am sure could jettison his belief and get a normal job. He was an oil executive previously. But there are many unbelieving clerics who have only ever done one job and who are ill qualified or think themselves incapable of doing anything else. So they stay in role and continue spreading the lie. How can one trust anyone like that. Poor Bu&&ers.

    Here is a paragon of clerical dishonesty and mass public stupid gullibility. And I have to share the planet with them.


  3. Here is another one who is not to be trusted yet his previous job of Arch of Cant had bestowed upon him a seemingly unassailable patina of honesty, integrity and trustworthyness. But behind that false facade operated a man more concerned with protecting the reputation of his church, keeping his pal Bishop Ball away from the law and protecting other establisment figures such as the the future king of england and whatever bits of the disunited kingdom remain.

    It just goes show that you have to be very wary when deciding if some one is actually as virtuous as their position and reputations might suggest. It seems to me the most trustworthy people are your average working class Joe and Joan. It seems to me donning of finery, indulgence in pompous ceremony and elevated positions in institutions and establishment elitism are the domain of those who are not to be trusted.



    1. I’m surprised this took so long. I remember watching a documentary last year where it was admitted that Carey had received complaints from angry parents which he simply stuffed in a filing cabinet and ignored.


      1. Andy, that is a disgusting and worrying account. How oblivious must Welby have been not to have had any inkling what Smyth was up to?

        In other news, as well as still being in denial about the extent of child abuse within its institutions, the CofE is going ever further backwards in its commitment to BAME equality: https://inews.co.uk/news/church-of-england-all-white-leadership-not-acceptable-bishop-of-dover-445616; also https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/06/16/church-england-embroiled-racism-row-turning-black-trainee-vicar/


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