Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, THE CHURCHES ARE OPEN! So get out there and pray (and don’t forget a smallish donation as you leave).

4 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. In the fullness of time, it will be interesting to note the effect of the lockdown on church attendance. The churches managed to shoot themselves in the foot by adopting an unnecessarily draconian approach and shutting down altogether when social distancing came in. But they have still made out that their virtual services have been a roaring success, and have claimed that loads of people have turned to prayer, although this assertion has been undermined by a poll that suggests even more people have stopped praying during the pandemic.

    My own feeling is that church attendance will not recover, and that many parishes will find themselves in financial difficulties as a result. The high proportion of Covid-19 victims who are elderly may also have an effect. And since it will not be possible to return to packed congregations any time soon, we may have seen the last of Holy Trinity Brompton-type mass hysteria for a bit. That’s got to be a good thing.


    1. Meant to add that if Angela Tilby really thinks that non-believers are simply not sure whether anyone’s listening to their prayers, she has no understanding whatever of why people are non-believers or how they think and behave.


  2. That would be the same kind of ignorance that leads Christians to think that all atheists must have a conversion on their death bed. They think that we believe in God really but are just pretending not to.


  3. Like many things in recent life, we’re evaluating if we need a car, need to commute to work, etc. A small proportion of the country will have considered whether or not they need to go to churches. Only the coming weeks will show how many have discarded IMF-ism in favour of gardening or watching wall-to-wall football.
    I’d guess congregations will rise slightly for a short while then fall to lower than their pre-Covid-19 level.


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