6 thoughts on “Right Awful Anne Atkins – Agonising Aunt and Vicar’s Wife

  1. What’s the point of playing detectives if you’re omniscient? If the IMF knows everything that happens or has ever happened, there’s nothing to deduce, is there? (While we’re at it, why doesn’t it tell us what happened to Madeleine McCann?) And if only the IMF knew who murdered Abel, how come the authors of Genesis got to find out, hey?

    Really, we could dismiss the whole thing as childish beyond belief, were it not for the fact that, not for the first time, AAA exploits personal tragedies to make a glib theological point. That leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.


  2. The story of Cain and Abel is yet another Bible story that doesn’t make any sense. Cain was jealous because God preferred Abel’s offering of meat over Cain’s offering of grain. Cain should have learned how to make beer. Anyway, after murdering his brother God puts a mark on Cain so that if he meets anyone they will know not to kill him. Note that the only humans on the planet at this point are Cain and his parents. Cain is then condemned to become a vagrant and to wander the earth for the rest of his life. He then gets himself a wife and settles down with her in the Land of Nod.


  3. AAA’s examples of crime writers are lauded for their characters because they’re smart, determined & responsible for solving murders.
    We admire their independence & inventive thinking – these traits would be spoilt if any reliance on an IMF were introduced into the plot.
    I don’t remember Miss Marple prostrating herself on the village green, pleading for divine guidance to catch the baddie. That would be both embarrassing and a betrayal – we want strong characters, not pleady-needy ones.
    So where does that leave AAA’s IMF? Even in fiction, the poor thing’s not wanted.


    1. The stories often have vicars in them. My wife and daughter like the TV versions. I like looking at the classic cars.


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