Rev Dr Dr Prof David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College Durham

Black Lives Matters.
Charles Dickens.
USA not the republic expected.
Peanuts satire.
Sally allegiance, one nation. Amen
Christian faith.
Mornington Crescent.

2 thoughts on “Rev Dr Dr Prof David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College Durham

  1. On this day.

    Reverend Dr Giles Fraser, Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral
    Tuesday, 8 June, 2010
    Rating 4 out of 5 (Highly platitudinous)

    Many of you will know the famous tune:


    But no, this is not my rendition of Copland’s Appalachian Spring or indeed of any recognisable tune known to man. This was originally a tune written by religious folk with the opening line, “It’s just great to be poor.”

    David Cameron has promised us all lots of lovely poverty and I think that’s just fantastic. There’s going to be job losses, evictions, marriage break ups, longer waiting lists, larger class sizes. It’s going to be back to the good times for those of us in the suffering and poverty industry. You see you’ve all become too materialistic, buying loads of stuff that you don’t need, thinking that consumption buys happiness, maxing out on multiple credit cards, purchasing banks. It’s a common mistake among Radio 4 listeners with their fast cars and their new phones and all the latest digital gadgets, who have no regard for the finer things in life. And has it made you happy? As a Reverend Dr Canon Chancellor, let me just tell you, no it hasn’t.

    Less stuff means less things to do and that means you will have more time to be spiritual. You’ll have more time to explore the simple pleasures of life, like talking to the Invisible Magic Friend. And with all that extra money burning holes in your pockets you’ll be able to devote more of it to something genuinely useful, like church for example.

    Although there are many, many undoubted benefits to you becoming poorer, and thus more spiritual, we don’t won’t you to become too poor. We wouldn’t want you to become so poor that you became dependent on church handouts for example or couldn’t afford to contribute to the great work of the church. We need to keep your spare money for important things, like the upkeep of our many historic buildings, the hard working clergy that inhabit them and their somewhat underfunded pension fund.

    So please, take this opportunity to become a little poorer but not very poor.


  2. Follow ‘The Jesus Way’. Full of nourishing marrowbone jelly. You know it makes sense.
    Warning: Always read the label. This product contains nuts – loads of them.

    It is typical of Thought for the Day speakers that they pretend to focus on an issue currently in the news, but then spend most of the time waffling on about someone or something of minimal relevance to the topic, thus avoiding the danger of saying anything remotely controversial. In this case, it was Charles Dickens, who has been dead for a hundred and fifty years, and who appears to have had relatively little to say about slavery and/or the oppression of black people. Then there was the mandatory reference to Jesus, who had absolutely nothing to say about black people. Another triumph of wasted air time.


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