Dr Jagbir Jhutti-Johal, Senior Lecturer in Sikh Studies

It’s volunteers’ week. Among the volunteers are Sikhs. Sikhs do a lot of volunteering. Sikhs do a lot of charity work. Sikhs do it because the gurus told them to and because it makes them closer to the Invisible Magic Friend. Sikhs have been helping during the pandemic. Sikhs do a lot of good stuff.

And some others do good stuff too.

9 thoughts on “Dr Jagbir Jhutti-Johal, Senior Lecturer in Sikh Studies

  1. Another triumph for the Beeb & its rigorous editing team.
    This was no better (both in content & presentation) than a 6-year-old talking to class about ‘My mummy’ or ‘What I did on my holidays’.
    As for the news story, who names their boys Ronnie & Reggie?! They’re not twins but the Krays are not ancient history.


  2. Funny that we only seem to hear about the nice aspects of religions on TftD. All speakers, without exception, focus on the cuddly, lovey-dovey bits and slide over the grim messages or embarrassing legends that appear elsewhere. (Mona is a partial exception to this). Any one of the regulars could have delivered much the same presentation as DrJhutti-Johal did this morning, complete with edifying quotes from their own particular BBoMS.

    And yet their fundamental beliefs are completely incompatible. Both Jews and Muslims reject Christianity’s assertion that Jesus was the son of the IMF. Both Christians and Muslims reject Judaism’s assertion that the IMF made only one covenant with mankind. All of them would reject Sikhism as idolatrous and blasphemous. You won’t hear any of this on TftD, but if backed up against a wall that’s what most of them would end up admitting.

    Still, they do have one point they can all agree on: atheism is unacceptable and must not be allowed a place at the table. Especially on TftD!


  3. Todays TftD was an insult to anyone capable of rational thought. How did it get past the vigilance of the BBC R4 Editorial / Production staff?

    At the risk of mockery I have a suggestion for for this blog. Peter H has spiced the blog up by his recent innovation of reprising selected TftDs. And it seems to be a popular addition. I have another suggestion that may be an antidote to the dreary, hackneyed, same old, stultifying TftD offerings.

    The good thing about TftD offerings is that on this blog they are the raw material for insightful and entertaining responses. And here is the thing, those responses have depths of understanding, wisdom, truth and realism far in excess of the original.

    So here is the suggestion. On one day a week, say a Monday, one of the responders on this blog will present his / her thoughts on a topic of their selection. The selected (by Peter) thinker for the week would be notified on the Tuesday, prepare the piece and submit to Peter by the Friday for approval, agreement of changes over the weekend for publishing on this blog on the following Monday. The subjects are endless. Politics, science, medicine, environment, energy … … … …
    And who knows if the idea takes off then people like Alice Roberts, Andrew Copson, Jim Al Khalili … … … may be persauded to contribute items.

    I have often thought that there should be a secular TftD broadcast daily on the BBC R4 PM slot as an inspiring counterbalance to the tedious TftD offerings earlier in the day.


      1. There was also a brilliant” TftD abridged,” which condensed the idiocy beautifully when you weren’t allowed to use too many words on Twitter.


  4. Given that there are more non-religious than religious people in this country now, one person humblebragging on behalf of one minor religion during a news show is very tedious.
    The British people and the British media are both very secular and there are already plenty of, what I think of as, secular slots on various BBC shows on all radio channels, so I don’t think we need a counterbalance; I think TFTD should be scrapped.
    Compare Trump’s political leanings towards the religious nuts in the USA during this Covid crisis and then realise that none of that happens here. I have heard of no news of people turning more to religion during this time so hopefully that is a good sign for the UK.


  5. Have you noticed a definite distancing of the R4 presenters when introducing TftD? Nobody says ‘good morning’ anymore and neither do they say ‘thank you’ when finished, not even Martha.


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