Chine McDonald, professional Christian

BAME people are disproportionately affected by the virus (which has nothing to do with the Invisible Magic Friend who is not in any way racist).

BAME people are disproportionately discriminated against.

Fortunately, we have a European religion to tell us this is wrong. Some obscure bits of the Big Book of Magic Stuff say to love everyone equally. Other bits say to exterminate the wrong kind of people, but those bits can be ignored.


8 thoughts on “Chine McDonald, professional Christian

  1. Chine discusses the Black Lives Matter cause well except for the IMF references. Racism is a terrible thing to face in any society and in the UK and the USA it is the racism of the majority whites against people of other skin colours and cultures. Of course the big unanswered question here, if you are a believer in an IMF, is why did god create humans with an innate ability towards racial prejudice?
    Racism is a learnt behaviour taught by the culture in which you are brought up, but it would have been very easy for god, while he was putting together his ideas for a whole planet filled with marvellous wonders, to create all people with the same skin colour and ensure they spoke the same language if he had wanted to avoid conflicts over race and ethnicity. Why did he give white/black/yellow/red supremacists the opportunity to look down on neighbouring fellow humans with a different colour skin or slightly different beliefs? And why did he make many of them into religious leaders who in the past used their BBoMSs to emphasise those differences in a negative way.
    Of course all that is behind us and our Christian god now wants everyone to know that All Lives Matter not just the ones he promised special favours to in the past.
    You would almost think that it has nothing to do with a supernatural being and is some kind of natural evolutionary behaviour.


  2. “Chine discusses the Black Lives Matter cause well except for the IMF references.”

    Agreed, except the IMF bit is the only reason she’s invited to speak about the subject, which is why i always emphasise it, often to the exclusion of what they are actually trying to say.


  3. Chine wants apologies & talk of change to lead to meaningful actions.
    She then talks of her IMF which, despite its limitless resources, will do nothing. Literally nothing – you know, the same sort of ‘nothing’ as any non-existent thingy can perform.
    Yet she also wants us to beg for repentance from this IMF as if that’s a meaningful action.
    In the meantime, non-believers aren’t lumbered by any IMF-ish guff like wondering when their unchanging IMF stopped having a chosen people, decided against slavery, etc.
    Chine’s IMF is nothing more than a distraction but, as Rev Peter says, it’s the only reason why she’s on TFTD.


    1. Indeed. And if one of her main reasons for demanding apologies and change is that the BBoMS says that’s what the IMF wants, then she shouldn’t be surprised if people don’t take her demands seriously. There are many better and more important reasons for opposing racial prejudice than pretending to know what a non-existent supernatural entity wants.


  4. Yes. If you’re talking about tribalism, you literally can’t get much more ” tribalistic ” than the OT. The likes of Chine probably see that, perhaps even admit it among friends. But what do you do about it when your whole religion is based on being a confirmation of predictions in that same book? Just pretend it doesn’t really matter, and that Jesus stands or falls by his behaviour in human form. Then hope no one notices you’ve contradicted yourself


  5. I have been troubled in the last few days about mentioning this; although I support the reasons behind the protests has anyone else wondered why, at the same time we were told that BAME people are disproportionately affected by the Covid19 virus, the Black Lives Matter group organised marches where those same BAME people were encouraged to join a crowd that walked within 2 metres of each other breaking the one unbreakable rule of the lockdown?
    On this forum we point out the ludicrous nature of IMF beliefs. In my case I write to my MP to get Cummings removed from his position for breaching lockdown rules. I hope nobody minds if I criticise the organisers of the marches who should not have put their supporters at risk. Or are we saying this event in a foreign country outweighs the lockdown rules? I hope there isn’t a spike in cases following the marches.


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