Rev Dr Dr Prof David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College Durham

Racism is still present in the USA. No, really, it is. I know what you’re thinking. This is exactly like Pentecost, when there was a great deal of wind.

11 thoughts on “Rev Dr Dr Prof David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College Durham

  1. On this day.

    Clifford Longley, a distinguished person who talks a lot about religion
    Monday, 1 June, 2009
    Rating 4 out of 5 (Highly platitudinous)

    MPs don’t know how to recover the great esteem that they once had. In a creek they are up, a paddle without. What can they do? It’s obvious: become Catholics and go to Confession. You should all try it, you’ll love it. You’ll be there, all alone in the dark with a Catholic priest, telling him all your most intimate and private thoughts. What could be more natural and healthy? He will then tell you how you can right the terrible wrongs you have done by saying three Hail Mary’s and a Glory Be.

    This scientifically proven technique will cleanse your soul and leave the invisible magic bit of yourself whiter than white and daisy fresh. The process is full of complex technical terms which can only be properly understood by a fully trained theologian, but a basic understanding is possible for ordinary people like you. A leading theologian explains.

    “We took two souls, one washed in scientifically tested and verified Catholic Confession and one in another leading brand of admission of guilt. As you can see, or you would see if it weren’t magic and invisible, the soul washed in Catholic Confession is 100% absolved of all sin, while the other soul isn’t.”

    So if you’ve been having impure thoughts lately, and unluckily aren’t a sadistic rapist in charge of an Irish Catholic single sex school, why not try new improved, scientifically proven, Catholic Confession. No other absolution looks like it, or lasts like it.


    1. Confession. Yet another sleazy catholic trick to capture priestly power over common folk through blackmail. But sometimes its the priest that suffers.

      A very precocious, intelligent and rebellious school friend of mine belonged to a very devout catholic family. By the age of 15 he had figured out the whole thing was a total sham, a bore and a waste of time. His deeply troubled parents forced him to go along with everything as normal. To spice things up a bit he started telling the priest all sorts of mostly made up sinful things he was doing and sinful fantasies he was thinking. Over time the priest had his sensibilities stretched to the limit especially when my friend started to hint he was having “relations” with a an older woman, a teacher, who was suspected, correctly as it turned out, of having regular trysts with the priest. My friend ratchetted up the priestly assault, with the help of a handful of fellow conspirators, with ever more imaginative “sins”. My friend even confessed to having picked up an STD which he thinks he may have passed on to the woman in question. The imaginary love triangle was a source of much fun to those in the know and a source of much priestly anguish.


    1. Good question. He even talked about ‘the biblical record’ as if it was a real historical account. As I understand it, Pentecost was originally a Big Jewish Festival anyway, and the Christian version was just another attempt by the early church to upstage and replace the Jewish original. No racism involved there, of course.

      Apparently many medieval churches had a small hole in the roof so that the third part of the IMF could get in at Pentecost. There’s one in Canterbury Cathedral. Why it couldn’t just use the door like everybody else, I don’t know.


      1. As with Eruvs, confirmation that for all their talk otherwise, some religions in reality seem to think their God is just a little bit thick.


      2. “As with Eruvs, confirmation that for all their talk otherwise, some religions in reality seem to think their God is just a little bit thick.”

        I’ve often thought this about the creative accounting that medieval Christians and modern day Muslims use to get around the ban on charging interest on loans. Their god obviously doesn’t examine the books too carefully, what with him being so busy and all.


      3. Just shows that bending the rules to just before breaking point and hoping not to get caught out is an age old tradition.

        I’m surprised we haven’t had a “religious view on a current topic” covering how Saul/Paul would have just hopped in a chariot and driven 60 miles in the Syrian desert to find if it were safe to go to Damascus


      4. ‘Some religions in reality seem to think their God is just a little bit thick’.

        Well, the BBoMS does claim that man was created in the IMF’s image, and the disciples come across, especially in Mark, as terminally slow on the uptake, so you may be on to something there.


  2. AndyM
    Do not be fooled by the concept of the Eruv. The official reason is to enclose a space with a suspended wire for the purposes of doing things on the sabbath which would be otherwise be impermissable. In actual fact the purpose is to place a boundary around an area in which the gentiles feel uncomfortable and move out so more jews can move in and take over things by force of number. Thus jewish enclaves and ghettos are generated.


  3. “Well, the BBoMS does claim that man was created in the IMF’s image,”

    “No god can ever be more intelligent than its creator.”

    That sounds like it should have been said before- by Arthur C Clarke or Hitchins, probably. But googling it doesn’t seem to bring it up. I’m pretty sure at least one of them said something similar.


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