Rev Marie-Elsa Bragg

Happy Nearly Pentecost everyone! This is where the apostles got filled with spirit and started talking gibberish, just like Christians have been doing ever since.

Which brings me neatly to domestic and child abuse during lockdown.

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  1. On this day. One of the rare examples of just how good TFTD could be.

    Khaled Fahmy, head of history at the American University in Cairo
    Monday, 30 May, 2011
    Rating 0 out of 5 (Not platitudinous)

    Egypt has endured 30 years of Mubarak’s tyranny. Fuelled by fear of radical Islam, he has been free to rule as he wished, using this fear as a tool.

    When I, and millions of others protested against his regime, it was not just against the corruption of his government, but also against this politics of fear.

    Yet still, anxiety remains. Islamists, secularists, Muslims and Copts continue to live in fear of one another, unable to engage in dialogue.

    Despite this, we have a new self confidence. We dare to dream that the future will build an Egypt that can accommodate us all.


    1. I remember this too. A bank holiday Monday. I think it resulted in a minor change in POTD grading. Previously , the lowest score you could give was a one, I think ” slightly platitudinous.” Up till then, a ” not at all platitudinous ” rating had been unnecessary.


    1. And isn’t it a wonderful thing that religion is at the centre of all the fear. This is what you get with religion … sectarian violence.


      1. Not sure that either Mubarak or Sisi was particularly motivated by religion, but I take your point. What’s noticeable is not that religion can make people do bad things, but that it often doesn’t seem to make them do good ones.

        We have recently had three seriously god-bothering Prime Ministers in Blair, Brown and May, yet their faith seems to have had almost no effect on the way they governed, except to make Blair and May convinced of the infallibility of their gut instinct. May’s unpleasant rhetoric about immigration, for instance, ran completely counter to the Christian message she supposedly believed in.


  2. I actually gained a flash of inspiration while listening to Bragg’s TFTD: I devised a new test – it’s called the “YIK” Test, i.e. the “Yeah I Know” Test. I suppose it’s a measure of a TFTD’s vapidity, so clearly it’s something that will keep me occupied through lockdown and beyond.

    TFTDs can be rated on how many statements are contained therein that are essentially statements of the bleedin’ obvious, where the instinctive reaction of the listener is, “Yeah I know”.

    Divide the YIK statements by the total number of statements and note the percentage score accordingly.

    Applying this to Bragg’s dreary, disjointed ramble today, I’m delighted to award a perfect score of 100% accordingly.



    1. I think the ” Yik test” might have some mileage although we’d have to work out why we’re being yikked . With some, it’s because they just have nothing interesting to say. With some it’s to create complacency in order to smuggle the god bit in. ” Everything else they say sounds bland and plausible, so this last part probably is, too.”


  3. We didn’t need all that rigmarole about speaking in tongues and hearing children’s voices to be aware that the lockdown may have contributed to the abuse of vulnerable children. Nor, come to that, did we need the Rev Bragg telling us that ‘we’ need to do something about it (what is she doing herself, I wonder?)

    I can only speak for the school of which I am a Governor, but all our teachers have been going to great lengths to stay in touch with the vulnerable children in their classes, and their families, even going round to their homes if need be. The school has also been working closely with the local Children’s Services department to try to anticipate and deal with issues before they get out of hand. No religion involved; and certainly no speaking in tongues!


  4. Domestic abuse is a problem because it’s hidden or it’s ignored. Presumably only the latter applies to Rev Bragg’s all-seeing IMF. Even if it’s unable or unwilling to intervene, the callous wotsit could at least inform those who want to provide real help.
    Searching online about domestic abuse, I found this nugget. According to the CofE’s ‘Responding Well to Domestic Abuse Practice Guidance’ – they consider ‘spiritual’ abuse to include “using religious teaching to justify abuse (e.g. ‘submit to your husband’)”. Believers rightly try to distance themselves from obnoxious tripe in the OT but this is from the NT (Ephesians). I’m glad today’s followers don’t take their own BBoMS seriously!


    1. Tracie Harris said that that if she encountered anyone abusing g a child she would step in and intervene right away unlike god who allows the abuse to continue only to punish the abuser later.


      1. Here is the quote from TH.
        “You either have a God who sends child rapists to rape children or you have a God who simply watches it and says, ‘When you’re done, I’m going to punish you.’ If I could stop a person from raping a child, I would. That’s the difference between me and your God


    1. Yes, Pic, Tracie Harris has made this & many other excellent comments about religion & belief. Her Fallacy Model (with transcendent dice in a jar) is a lesson to those who claim to know things they cannot know.


  5. StephenJP.
    Blair, Brown and May. Yes faitheads indeed. And if we had not got May we would have had Andrea Leadsom. She is another faithead. She staunchly defends prayers in Parliament. The letters I have received from her on this subject rank from evasive to downright disingenuous. There is no place in Parliament for prayers lest conducted in private. No so according to Leadsom who knows only too well the political advantage of prayers at the onset of procedings.


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