Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

Happy Ascension Day everybody! This is where Jesus went up into the sky on a cloud, so the least said about that the better. Let’s talk about the virus (nothing to do with Jesus) and being online instead, which is just so relevant to Ascension Day. I’m helping the homeless you know.

10 thoughts on “Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

  1. These Ascension Days seem to come boinging round quicker and quicker.

    “Invisible soul.” That would be invisible as in ” not a single shred of evidence it exists,” rather than ” too small to be seen by the naked eye,but there all the same, like a virus,” but confusion can be a useful tool.


    1. Yes, perfectly circular. And amusing. And I dont know what is more absurd, the barefaced lie about the resurection and ascension or the comic device of the cohabitation of mo and jesus who, if they depict who I think they do, lived centuries apart.


  2. There are occasional visits from Moses, Ganesh and even Joseph Smith too. Also J&M seems to be set in modern times, they play video games drive a car and go to the pub. They have philosophical discussions with the atheist barmaid whom you never see.


    1. Yes, and very amusing too. The whole scenario is nearly as laughable as the regious figures and stories it harpoons. Wonderful. And it has just surpassed its 1000th edition.

      But I cannot help thinking the person responsible for it is running a terrible risk.


      1. That’s why he signs his name simply as ‘Author’, and never appears in the visual media. He can occasionally be heard on the radio, however. A clever and perceptive fellow.


  3. Rev Lucy’s effort is beyond parody so I’ll just express my delight at seeing the ‘boing’ picture again whilst ignoring the shocking thought that it’s only a detail away from some people’s idea of history.
    Don’t bump your head on the sky-dome above the flat earth, Mr Jesus!


  4. Modern Christians have quite a few problems with the supernatural bits of their system of belief. They can just about get away with pretending that the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus are historically credible (though they aren’t) and even that they’re true (though they aren’t). But the virgin birth, the 40 days’ social isolation with Old Nick, the resurrection, the ascension…they all tend to involve an awful lot of foot-shuffling and hand-waving. As a result, Lucy Winkett today had to talk about Jesus vanishing and not appearing again to his disciples. And if one were to remind her that he promised to turn up again in the lifetimes of the people who were listening to the great celestial message…well, more foot-shuffling and hand-waving.

    Really, JRR Tolkien is more consistent and coherent as a plot inventor.


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