Right Rev Philip Egan, Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, happy Annunciation Day! That’s right, it’s only nine months to Christmas.

So coronovirus isn’t so bad, is it?

12 thoughts on “Right Rev Philip Egan, Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth

  1. Childish, puerile, really something that a grown adult should have got past by now, but I can’t help it:

    “How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?”
    The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on you…


  2. I grew out of believing the the “Annunciation” as an actual real-life event when I was about 15 (along with all the other related guff endlessly spouted during Lent at my school at the time).

    It’s still staggering to me that, not only can a grown adult so devoutly believe such arrant nonsense, but proudly and publicly proclaim it as a profound truth in full and arrogant expectation that everyone else simply accepts it without question – and, frankly, doesn’t think him a bit of a lunatic.


    1. He is doing the work of his lord with humility and devotion. Its called blind faith. It should be called willfully blind faith.

      I cannot understand why any one can go around making such an arse of themselves on behalf of a global crime syndicate.


  3. Rarity for Catholic cleric to speak on TftD. They nearly always franchise their slots out to lay Catholics in the media/academia. You can see why.


    1. Indeed! Even the likes of Catherine Pepinster or Dim Stanley wouldn’t dare to try to get away with the naive, credulous guff we heard this morning.


  4. I suppose it’s just a coincidence that Churches have made a fuss about Lady Day seeing that it is one of the quarter days on which rents would be payable for land leased from the church. Even today the C of E is one of the largest land-owners in the UK. Kevin Cahill: Who owns Britain, Chapter 12: puts the Church Commissioners as the 14th. largest but the situation is not easily explored or explained. That the RCC should still make a fuss about Lady Day is probably more to do with Mariolatry than money, having lost their original holdings.
    I’m surprised Jazz FM does not celebrate it.


  5. With so many stuck at home and if they are still going by catholic birth control advice I imagine there will be lots of babies born to catholics in 9 months time.


  6. And the rcc will shamelessly plumb the absolute depths of deceit to cover up its crimes and pervert the course of justice.

    How anyone can be an apologist for the rcc is beyond my comprehension.


    1. How anyone can be an apologist for the rcc is beyond my comprehension.

      Was he being an apologist, or was he just being a Catholic? These things are different.

      There is a danger of doing to Catholics what is done to Muslims – making them partners in all the crimes committed within their faith. The people in these videos are reprehensible, but they are so because of their views, not because of their faith. And the criticism that you want to make of them DOES NOT apply to other Catholics, unless they are making similar statements.

      There is a danger also to the concept of argument. If your response to every Catholic person who has anything to say whatsoever is to simply go back to exactly the same out-of-hand generalised dismissal, you are not debating. You are not refuting the points made, intellectually taking out the premises or the rationale. You are simply regurgitating a stock answer, irrespective of the question. And all that does is make your position look weak. It looks like you have nothing to say about the point raised, that you can’t address it so you have to throw smoke.

      So I’ll ask that question again. Are these videos a direct response to what Philip Egan said on TFTD yesterday? Are they a direct response to something he has said in the past? If not, what was the point of posting them?


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