Amazingly Reverend Doctor David Walker, Bishop of Manchester

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, the general synod of the Church of England will be discussing climate change.

Please do try to contain your excitement.

7 thoughts on “Amazingly Reverend Doctor David Walker, Bishop of Manchester

  1. “the general synod of the Church of England will be discussing climate change.” For the 12% of the population who are members of the C of E I’m sure this was fascinating. Why is this one organisation given free, unchallenged air-time to tout its ‘green’ credentials?


  2. More interesting was the preceding piece about Catholic priests possibly being allowed to marry. On these occasions it amazes me that nobody points out that there are already married Catholic priests. C of E vicars who couldn’t stand how liberal their church was becoming were poached by the opportunistic Catholic church and allowed to become priests whilst still being married.

    One of the speakers mentioned one of the disciples who left his wife to follow Jesus. For some reason he seemed to think this was a good role model. Strange then that the defecting C of E vicars were not asked to divorce as a condition of escaping into Catholicism. For a supposed repository of the eternal verities the Catholic church is surprisingly pragmatic.


    1. My understanding (and I may misunderstand) is that celibacy is more of a policy of the church rather than being part of its dogma. Women priests, on the other hand, is part of its dogma.


  3. The bloke in charge of the seminary had the barefaced cheek to deny that celibacy had anything to do with child abuse in the RCC. Indeed, he implied that it was a much greater problem within conventional families! As a member of conventional families all my life, I consider this a damned insult.

    And who says the fictional character known as Simon Peter was married? All the gospels say is that he had a mother-in-law. He could have been a widower, which would have made the bit of the tale where he leaves home more convincing. Or perhaps he was in a same-sex marriage.

    As for the CofE’s virtue-signalling over climate change, it is a safe bet that the Synod will include lots of breast-beating, praying and promises to do better, with little else on offer. Not to worry: if the CofE carries on the way it’s been doing recently, it will meet its carbon targets by 2035 by ceasing to exist.


  4. The CoE has absolutely no power or capability to influence climate change. How can it when whole Goverments and Global Institutions hardly make any progress on this most grave problem.

    The CoE is as hopelessly impotent on this issue as it is at providing technical data to NASA for putting men on Mars, making a revolutionary breakthrough for a viable theory of Quantum Gravity, authoring the protocol for 6G communication technology or providing a revolutionary explanation for abiogenesis.

    Yes of course a dozen elderly self important gentlemen, unqualified to dicuss anything other than abstruse theological conundrums, can get together and pontificate about climate change. But it will achieve nothing more than a few forgetable headlines of squalid propaganda for the consumption of its sycophants while the rest of us roll our eyes and chuckle in amusement at the arrogance bourne of gargantuan conceit of those who would have us believe in childish nonesenses such as the trinity, partenogenesis, the human soul and that sex is only for those who it sells licences.

    But I think I nearly missed the whole point … which is the CoE trying to apply a fig leaf over its embarassment now that it is stripped bare of even a smidgin of credibility, dignity and relevance.


    1. “The CoE has absolutely no power or capability to influence climate change. How can it when whole Goverments and Global Institutions hardly make any progress on this most grave problem.”

      Pontificating about things over which they have no control is a good avoidance tactic to dodge dealing with things why they can control – such as the various forms of discrimination within their organisation, lack of accountability, and unjustified influence in public life, etc. But the most which can be expected on these issues (if they are mentioned at all) is a bit of hand-wringing and saying how sorry they are, while business carries on as usual.


  5. I note that the Pope has now ruled against married men in Brazil being granted permission to become priests, or women permitted to become deacons. As I understand it, deacons assist a priest in his duties, but are not allowed to celebrate Mass or hear confessions.

    Once again, the Pope has shown himself to be all mouth and no trousers when it comes to supporting any reforms in his Church. It will remain an anachronistic institution, mired in misogyny, corruption, child abuse and unrestrained privilege for the few. Ex-Pope Benedict was apparently dead against the idea of married priests, and presumably Pope Francis didn’t want to upset him.

    Probably the only way the Catholic Church will ever change is by being forced to do so – if its supporters start leaving in droves, and refuse to go on filling its coffers, cleaning its buildings and licking its priestly boots. Until then, its male professed will continue to assume they have the moral authority to tell everyone how they should live, and the women and children they have abused and exploited over the centuries will continue to suffer.


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