Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

Aren’t whistle-blowers annoying?

They cause division and disruption and make people lose faith in the authorities. I mean, just because they’re right, and expose inefficiency, hypocrisy and wrong doing, that’s no reason to go around undermining perfectly good institutions.

As a representative of the Church of England, I really do wish that whistle-blowers would learn to just shut up.

6 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. “How do we do justice to this brave doctors dying words without losing faith in our public insitutions”?

    What a squalid question. And therin is the problem. Tilby is asserting that faith is a fundamental virtue. That having faith in things is good and necessary to keep things ticking along. Have faith in your GP, have faith that your wheelie bins will be emptied each week, have faith that the police will show up when you are a victim of crime. Then by association, have faith in the CoE.

    I dont have faith in my GP. I picked one I judged competent and trust after ditching several others who I didn’t.

    Faith is a willingness to ignore your critical faculties and subjugate oneself to authorities that are usually corrupt, exploitative, parasitic and incompetant. Which is exactly why we are befouled and beggared by the CoE. The CoE has preached that faith is a wholesome attribute for centuries, and for a long time punished the faithless, and those with the wrong faith, with extreme violence. The CoE has hoodwinked us that faith in it is justified and deserved. The CoE cannot, with facts and data, demonstrate why it should be trusted. It can only assert that if you have faith in it you will be saved. That in the end, your end, all the injustices done unto you will be set right making your life of suffering and poverty ultimately worthwhile … but only if you, you, keep the faith sucker.

    Tilby peddles her faith message because it is the last line of defence for the only institution she is really interested in, the CoE, which is dying before our very eyes. And it is dying because people have seen what it stands for. That it is a tool of the establishment, of the ruling class, of the undeserving priviledged, of those of parasitic inherited power. That its promises of salvation and unveiled threats are empty and nonesensical. That it offers no solutions to any problems. None at all.

    No Tilby, you keep the faith. You can keep telling people that sex is only for married heterosexuals if you insist. You can keep on doing your worst. The rest of us will think for ourselves and do things because they are the right things and not because the peddlers of a washed up, outmoded, manipulative, coercive, immoral, repressive dogma insist we mindlessly do their bidding in the name of their laughable god.


  2. Tilby is not the first contributor to confuse faith and trust. And won’t be the last. Trust is based on evidence and experience, faith is made in deliberate defiance of these and reason. I’ll be charitable and assume she’s too limited to know the difference after a working life in such a stifling environment, rather than that she’s deliberately misleading.


    1. She knows. She knows full well that faith, either willful or blind, is the only thread from which her church and her position perilously dangle.

      Surely Tilby is not confused of the difference between faith and trust. She is not personally confused but actively seeks to confuse others into understanding trust and faith are the same thing. Its verbal sleight of hand. Both magicians and clerics seek to misdirect and mislead.

      I would not have used the word ‘confuse’ in that context.
      Confusion suggests she somehow gets muddled. I think otherwise. Tilby has been caught out in a deliberate attempt to blur the distinction between trust bourne of sound judgement and the lazy mindless subjugated irresponsibility of faith.

      And its on old hackneyed tactic long used by those who would have us follow them unthinkingly.

      I would say ‘Tilby is not the first contributor to conflate faith and trust’. I may be wrong but conflation has the suggestion of intent rather than error.

      ‘Faith’ is one of those words when read or heard should immediately set the antennae of rationality twitching.
      Soul and spiritual fall into this category too. There are many more.


  3. By accident or on purpose, Angela Tilby muddied the waters by lumping several different things under the umbrella of ‘whistleblowing’.

    Whistleblowers are people who go to third parties, or go public, with accounts of inefficient or bad practice within their own organisations which senior management are unwilling or unable to address. It takes a good understanding of what best practice means, plus a good deal of courage, to be prepared to do this. Angela implied that some whistleblowing was frivolous or malicious; if she really meant this, she should be challenged to produce the evidence.

    The Wuhan doctor, now sadly deceased, who first reported what we now know as Coronavirus 2019-nCoV wasn’t a whistleblower: he was trying to alert fellow medical professionals to a new and possibly dangerous infection, and was slapped down by a coercive and controlling state bureaucracy. (A ‘public institution’, Angela).

    And finally, those who complain about being abused or exploited by those in positions of authority are not whistleblowers, either. There are indeed some instances of false accusations of innocent people (such as those that Carl Beech made during the discredited Op Midland), but there are many more instances that are fully justified, including most of those that have been levelled at members of the clergy.

    And here is the problem. As Declan points out, the hidden agenda behind Tilby’s comments this morning must be the extent to which the CofE and other churches have been brought into disrepute by the never-ending stream of cases of child abuse and cover-up that they and their employees have perpetrated. On today’s evidence, Tilby would prefer to keep such accusations under wraps rather than allow the authority of the CofE, as a ‘public institution’, to be challenged. Well, if that is your position, Angela, tough: I suspect that there’s much, much more to come.


  4. Whilstleblowers are those that stand up and speak out loudly and publically, at great personal risk, about injustice and corruption of powerful institutions.

    Heretics are those that stand up and speak out loudly and publically, at great personal risk, about injustice and corruption of powerful religious institutions.

    Heretic … Whistleblower … same thing.

    Tilby is alergic to both. Alergic to those people who speak out against her institution and the established order. She is frustrated and powerless to do anything other than dishonestly assert that faith and trust are the same thing in a pathetic and vain attempt to isolate her church and its undeserved position from dangerous rational scrutiny.

    I am constantly amazed for how long and how righteously the pious have argued, without a shred of evidence, for a position that has long been discredited by those weilding hard won irrefutable facts and data. I guess it is because of the sycophantic and symbiotic relation between the CoE and the Establishment and their mutually parasitic dependence on the common man. Cometh the day cometh the common man … disestablishment and a secular republic with a written constitution are ascendent.


  5. The CofE could really do with a good few more whistleblowers.

    This is an organisation which has pretty much no policies (bullying, discrimination, etc), and which frequently deals with situations in an opaque and unaccountable manner. They can fob a complainant off with claims that they cannot tell them the outcome of their complaint because it’s “confidential” (no secular organisation is likely to get away with this!). They can then stamp on the complainant if they persist.

    Conversely, they can stamp on and bully people whenever it suits them, for no justifiable reason and without having to justify themselves, and without there being anything to hold them to account (the Clergy Discipline Measure is, no doubt intentionally, very vague and extremely difficult to invoke).

    They can also endlessly prevaricate over serious allegations (e.g. sexual abuse), and somehow manage to do absolutely nothing about them – something which the government would rightly not tolerate from any secular organisation, but which religious organisations seem able to get away with.

    Meanwhile, they expect unquestioning deference and respect from everyone.


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