3 thoughts on “Chine McDonald, professional Christian

  1. “Christians carry with them…a hope that at the very, very end, things will be made right”.

    And while the innocent continue to suffer and be exploited, their exploiters continue to get away with it, and prayers continue to go unanswered, that is one of the main messages we hear from the churches and their apologists. It seems astonishing that people like Chine McDonald are still peddling this tired old excuse; but really it’s all they’ve got left. What is even more astonishing is that people keep falling for it.


  2. Our Chine mentioned eschatology which is the study of dreaming up things wot might happen after death (or when JC returns which is just as speculative).
    Presumably she hopes to go up to a realm of pure pleasure to be shared with her IMF forever.
    The other side of the coin, though, is that others go downstairs for endless torment.
    Is that really ‘hope’?
    Surely ‘hope’ should be that none will suffer so we need to use another term for accepting with regret an evil dichotomy forced upon us by a vicious judge (even if imaginary).


  3. Forget the lamentable performances of Chine today and her equally under achieving boss yesterday. Watch the lady in this video, Alice Roberts, and you will understand that religion offers nothing, n o t h i n g, but crass wish thinking junk. Science provides with hard won really amazing and verified accounts of our evolutionary development. Welby offers nothing but unsubstantiated trash. Alice and all those like her offer the evidence that sets us into our place in space time. Prof Roberts ambition is to be allowed to speak on TftD. Isnt it an appalling injustice to her and the sophisticated audience that some f***wits in the BBC deny her and us that experience. Welby should have really given up his wasted slot and convinced the BBC to award his slot to Alice. I may then have a bit of respect for him and his squandered intellect.


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